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  1. Spazz

    Seungyeon looked absolutely adorable in this performance!! Definitely my favorite out of all their Starlight outfits! =^x^=
  2. Album

    Oh my god!!!! ;~; fellow Kamilias, I need a group hug or at least your twitters so we can spazz together ;nnn; Jiyoung looks flawless and the video teaser is so perfect and the song sounds amazing and ;_____; my KARA feelings are out of control!
  3. Man this episode was so cute! It was interesting to see how Gyuri interacted with Minseo which also brings me to the topic of this question: what ever happened to those guys? They disappeared near the end which was a bummer since their interactions were so cute. All in all, I really liked this show. Thanks Sweet Melodix for subbing!
  4. I'm always trying to learn KARA's dances, they look so fun! The only ones I could say I'm pretty good at are Lupin, Honey, Umbrella and Mister- though my butt dance could use some work \(>ㅂ</)
  5. Seungyeon or Nicole! Nicole is such a bubbly sweetheart and we would never have a dull moment, but Seungyeon and her mannerisms always pique my curiosity and I've always wondered what a conversation with her would be like. I don't think I would last in Gyuri's majestic presence ;ㅂ; ....
  6. One time I was watching an animated parody video and the ending credits were Kim Jong Kook's "Lovely", I liked the song so I looked it up on youtube and was hooked. In the related I noticed one of the videos said "KARA - Lovely" and didn't click on it since I figured the two weren't related. Finally one time I watched the video and that was the first video I saw of KARA. My first impression was that they were all pretty and that Hara-doll sort of scared me (her eyes lol) so I didn't pursue them then. KARA is my ultimate fandom so you can imagine what happened later on, though it took me about a year to officially declare myself a Kamilia and I love all five ;u; (wow that was long)
  7. Mine is Love Is and Lupin I don't think I'll ever get over how flawless of a song Love Is is, the whole song is just so amazing ;n;
  8. I've been practicing since early 2010 and I've been getting better, the more videos I see with the girls explaining how to do it, the more I understand how much to curve my "s-line" and when to move my legs and bend my knees when doing the sway. But I'm still nowhere near as good as KARA, especially not as good as Nicole! ;n;
  9. I feel like either Nicole or Seungyeon would be the ones to get married first, though a gut feeling tells me Seungyeon may be the first from KARA to marry (aside from Sunghee). If Seungyeon did, she'd probably want to settle down before she reaches 35 (probably because of her much older parents and their more "old-fashioned" traditions) Either way, anyone would be lucky to marry one the flawless KARA members!
  10. Chubby Nicole bumping into Seungyeon really got me, lmao what a fun commercial~ Nicole snapping herself out of it with her "da me, da me"s were so cute ;u;
  11. Lol the part where Seungyeon shamelessly makes the crow sounds while Gyuri covers her own mouth while doing her duck impression is just priceless
  12. Wow, thank you for taking the time to put together this giant list of videos! Gosh, this really makes me long for KARAMERICA ;n;
  13. I didn't really know that certain of Nicole's antics were considered 4D but that's what unknowingly drew me to her, she's really unique and positive and I love that about her ^^
  14. The rest of Hara's outfit really accentuates it, they both look good but Hara's overall styling captured my attention more than Hyoyeon's- though Hyoyeon looks gorgeous! Maybe if they styled her hair down it would've given her more simplistic outfit more of an oomph
  15. Awww she was, and is, so cute! Her eyes were so huge even then! It's just like what Haha and Mong said when they saw her baby pictures, she looks like a kid straight out of a manhwa with her giant eyes!