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      [NEW] Member Solo Activities Subforums!   03/11/2017

      Hey Karaholic! Since all of the members are now with different agencies, we thought it'd be appropriate to create new subforums so members can stay in touch with their activities. Please try to post here from now on with future updates and events.  Here are the new subforums we've created:
      Park Gyuri: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/158-park-gyuri-solo-activities-motion-media/
      Han Seungyeon: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/159-han-seungyeon-solo-activities-jwide/
      Goo Hara: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/157-goo-hara-solo-activities-keyeast/
      Jung Nicole: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/160-jung-nicole-solo-activities-b2m/
      Kang Jiyoung: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/161-kang-jiyoung-solo-activities-sweetpower/ For Youngji, we've opted to leave the forum as is as she is still with DSP Media.  Thanks for your attention, hope you continue to drop by and visit.. new members and old! 

      -KH Staff


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  1. Anytime soon they will announce the winner??!! ~ and here I'am waiting for the announcement ... I just want to congratulate now the winners...(hope I'm one of them) ! are you going to announce it also on Facebook? ~ whhhhhaaaa I'm sleepy It's already 10pm.. hehehe by the way God Bless everyone ~ take care !! hope to be your friend also.. I'm a newbie here in forum ! -jes~ PH
  2. Hi. Nice to meet you.

    1. jeskyujong


      hello ... ~ nice to meet you too..~ btw I'm Jes from Philippines ~

  3. hello ..~ I'm Jes from Philippines ~ I've been a fan of Kara since 2009. I started to love them because of SS501. I always pair Kara to SS501 especially Gyuri and JungMin ~ ^^, I always listening to their songs one of my favorite is "Pretty Girl", Gyuri was my first ever girl bias, i like her attitude and being a goddess ke ke ke. I've been addicted to their songs. Almost all of their songs are so catchy, and pretty simple to sing along like Mister.!! “♪ Mister la la la la ♫” I'm very happy when I saw and meet Kara's former choreographer Dasuri Choi, a famous dancer and choreographer of the oh so famous "butt dance" Mister. ta~dah!! Meeting her is like meeting Kara also. She's staying in the PH. ~ Sometimes I envy the Kamilia's from Korea and Japan. ( peace) because they always have the chance to see and watch Kara perform live. We witnessed the up and downs experiences/moments of Kara ~ but what i really like about their group? They always stay together. We love them so much, and they double their love to their fans, We know how popular they are, and i love their attitude being humble, and how much effort they always give just to keep their fans happiness~ I also salute them and all Kamilia, I can say that Kamilia is one of the peaceful fandom.! Like idols, like fans ~ it just reflects how Kara is so good. And I’m so proud that I belong to this fandom called Kamilia~ I've been a fan but i never had a chance to have their album even one. But it doesn't mean that I don't support or I'm not a true blooded Kamilia. I always wanted to have their album , but it's really hard to find one in my country, they sell kpop albums, Kara's album is just limited to some Music store only that's why it's hard to find one, well maybe because I'm staying in my province that's why.. ke ke ke ~ I really really wanted to have their album. if ever I'm one of those 8 lucky winners this is my first ever Kara's album . ke ke ke ~ hope to win this time cuz I always join contest wherein you can choose what album you want if you won, I always choose Kara's album but sad to say I always lose . hahaha but i never give up i continue to join different contest until i read about this.~ LOL !! Then again joining this giveaway The Happy Days of KARA's Anniversary. Thank you for reading ~ Good Luck to all of Us ~! God Bless~! -Jes from PH
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    i love my hamham personality .. lol at the fake maknae .. she looks younger than jiyoung ..heheh
  5. super star .. i've been LSS to this song for a week.. hahaha i love her voice here ..
  6. i like the innocent and cute .. ofcourse my vote goes to my baby.. LOL
  7. the first time i saw hara's acting skills was on city hunter i like her to be a cool,girly,cute and innocent role ^___^V
  8. i really wanted to have KARA's album .. if ever .. this is my first ever KARA's album ) hope to win this time ^_____^V jes from Philippines i really wanted to have KARA's album .. if ever .. this is my first ever KARA's album ) hope to win this time ^_____^V jes from Philippines i really wanted to have KARA's album .. if ever .. this is my first ever KARA's album ) hope to win this time ^_____^V jes from Philippines
  9. yahhhhh ... i want to join also ... ^____^V i've been a triple S since 2009 and because of that i started to love Kara and i wanted to have Kara's album/cd i hope I'm one of those lucky winners jes from Philippines.