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  1. Jiyoung she can pull off any look....Damaged Lady was a golden era for her...she look so beautiful sexy Cute Feminine
  2. Jiyoung good luck!! I will miss you!! Thanks for the good days with Kara..you still be my forever bias
  3. for those who can't watch Rainbow Rose last ep/ep 12...you can watch it here... Yuri/Jiyoung crying scene look so real...make me wanna cry too...you can find ep 11 in the uploader video...but the uploader upload it for Japan and Korean dubbed...so is up to you which one you want to listen...i prefer Korean because i can hear Jiyoung lovely voice... btw can someone told me which ep the wearing this clothes...because i cannot find it...please help me
  4. in ep 22..everyone bashed Jiyoung because she act like spoiled kids after she lost..ran away and unplugged the chord from the scale...but for me Boom and Shinyoung should not asked her about her weight....weight is a very sensitive issues for girls....and they asked Jing to reveal her true weight on TV national program...come on that's not funny for me...Jing and Suzy both are tall even they're skinny but they still look thick for Korean Jing keep calling her friend Suzy...because she felt uncomfortable about the question...if Suzy with her maybe she felt more comfortable because Suzy also Giant Baby like her....
  5. i love her part with Baek Minhyun...so cute and funny... also when in every ep she and Geonil keep fighting... Jiyoung so cute in this ep
  6. I think DSP will focus on Jiyoung and Hara in acting...Seungyeon and Gyuri more on ost song..Nicole i don't know..Jiyoung acting not dissapointed me...well this the first time she acting w/o received any acting class before debut..so it's quite impressed Jiyoung and Geonil look cute in this video...Jiyoung look sad when Geonil want to leave her..maybe last day they recording Rainbow Rose...i hope Jiyoung and Geonil will meet again. another interview video i found
  7. I didn't watch ep21 with CN Blue because I thought Jing was not in that ep..so Jing still in ep 21...so i need to watch the ep
  8. Social

    cr: allkpop the highlight part is the best LOL
  9. when Jiyoung fight with Suzy and she fall down Eric quickly save her.. after that the cameraman zoom at Andy face...he give a glimpse to Eric...(jealous or weird? ) i think Jiyoung taking care of Andy really well...i love how she massages Andy but other G6 members didn't do it...and when she cheer/aegyo to Andy and Minwoo asking Sunny to do like baby Jing...Minwoo do you want our baby too? in the end Eric choose her but i think Andy and Jing also really good match..i'm satisfied even Jiyoung didn't paired up with Eric
  10. Jing really shines in ep 19...Hongman really like her...i like how Bora and Suzy hugged Jiyoung when she came....i really love these trio...suddenly miss Amber and Woori..because they always close in ep 20 with Shinhwa...Jing wanted to paired up with Eric and Suzy wanted to paired up with Andy but in the end Jing with Andy and Suzy with Eric...Suzy and Jiyoung always together. when Jiyoung get splashed with water Minwoo quickly gave her a towel...i like how Suzy, Jiyoung and Hyoyeon just gave a little hug to Shinhwa members
  11. eps 2 one pic pop out What is Jiyoung wearing?? XD her dress will turn out pretty if paper plate and cups did not stick on her dress
  12. okay...they really dubbed everyone voice in Japanese...so i'll wait for Korea airing this drama...want to hear Jing lovely voice...please airing this drama soon in Korea...it doesn't sound right in Japanese...awkward
  13. maybe our baby has fiery temper but Jokwon really harsh to her too...if you watch Rainbow Rose bts..Jiyoung really cute and innocent...i don't know why in IY2 Jing has fiery temper and love yelling...but her character not like that... Jiyoung so sweet to Geonil
  14. in ep 17...i think Jiyoung really want to team up with Changmin but Jokwon already choose her...when Changmin have to team up with Amber...Jiyoung backup Changmin and said he can cook really well...if you noticed Jokwon complaining Jiyoung very scary but i don't think she fault...Jokwon messed up with the food...if I was Jiyoung i'll feel angry too...and when Jokwon pushed her and choose Yewon she felt really sad...her face like she didn't want to be here anymore...Jokwon don't be too harsh with our baby...
  15. i think because in the drama she acting she's drunk...but in real life she still underage maybe