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  1. T_T i'd be needing a box of tissue to watch this.... I think their dance is last on the show cause as you can see hara looks like she just finished crying and gyuri's face kinda still has that hint of tears or maybe its just my imagination..anyways i can't wait to watch the ep. I want to know what their talking about so please somebody translate it ASAP....>

  2. saw this one at another furom 2..XD i though this game is cool, its fun..lol

    1) Choose 3 people that you like (boy or girl)
    2) Between those 3 people, who would you dump, date and marry?

    So the first person says:
    - donghae
    - eunhyuk
    - sungmin

    And next person

    Dump: sungmin
    Date: eunhyuk
    Marry: donghae

    And so on..also put choices for a girl or boy... like this:

    for girls: minho,kikwang,siwon
    for guys: yonna, dara, hyuna


    Scavenger Hunt clue!

    “The magic word, respect.”

    Which number of Golden Rule of Karaholic is this?

    This number will be the second, third, and fifth digit in the first word. It will also be the first and third digit of the 2nd word.


    Almost there! 


    “Involves hamsters.. they are pets.

    What if hamsters wanted their own pets?

    You may be able to find this next clue if you search in the land of the Hammie.”




  3. saw this at another furom.. i though it was pretty random but really fun... here goes

    - Person 1 randomly slaps the keyboard to type some random words
    - Person 2 will try to make a sentence or whatever it is that he/she wants out of the random letters Person 1 slapped/typed.
    - Person 2 then slaps the keyboard for the next person to create a sentence or whatever.

    RULES *
    - It has to make some decent sense or atleast try to
    - Have fun ! smile.gif


    person 1:

    person 2:
    always love kara, jjang! (wow i did a good job on that one XD)

    person 3:
    other frogs goes to see kara (lol awesome)

    and so on and so forth

    i'll start:


  4. first crush? hmmm... i dont really remember since i have a very fast switching complex LOL even in real life.. anyways I'll try to remember:

    filipino: rayver cruz and jc de vera

    chinese: edison chen

    korean: suju kimbum and princess hour Kim Jeong Hoon

    america: orlando bloom

    thats the least I can remember... so much for "first" right..XD

    but of course all of them are replaced XD

  5. OK, so i read my request first, then the (1) story one and i gotta say.....WOW

    you arranged the story perfectly, i can't explain it..

    it's so saaaad, how after all those years (15?) onew's alive and came back for her

    but then she was not there and awwww *sniff* at the part where she said "jinki?"

    I also feel bad for gyuri (eunhyuk died :C)......

    anyways both stories are really5x good and I sure am looking forward for the other 3..

  6. OMG! I love it! your the best!! its so cute and sweet! kya~

    I was like gyuri at the first part, I was like " hmmm what's going on?"

    then "im guessing they're throwing her a party" but at the end

    I was smiling so wide and was like " *sigh* I'll always love hyukri <3 forever"

    thanks so much! :thumbup:

  7. AWESOME!! even though it didn't end up as hyukri, still the ending was perfect!! and awwwwww so like yuna's dad is eunhyuk?? that is sooooo sweeettt~

    yes first to comment...so how do i do this?

    Pairing: COURSE gyuri and eunhyuk

    Prompt: i don't really know....."thanks" (?)

    Genre: sweet, touching and has a happy ending...a little bit of twist is fine too >.<

    Theme: im not sure about this one so...i want something that can make my heart skip (lol)

    Others: hmmmmm lets see add jiyoung, and maybe some sistar (bora) member and suju and ZE:A (minho,hyukshik,kevin)..im just putting some specific names incase you wanna add some :)it's all up to you .. just want to see hyukri <3