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  1. thanks! im thinking of rewriting it but im really busy now :(

  2. ahhh for some reason it doesn't work.. D:

    mine is: yugyungj@gmail.com

  3. I missed you too! <33 Yes...grounded again... but this time it was because i did bad on my midterms T__T but my mom is slowly forgetting about it LOL. and its okay! mine is weird. from now, let's email each other kay? i got my iphone back so we can communicate from there :D ill send you an email now!

  4. soyeon! guess what? im grounded LOL. sneaking onto the computer. its such a coincidence that i logged on when you commented! do you have an email or something?

  5. his children....? uhm. they were actually mine, but george kept it a secret from angelina that he had an affair ^^ once angelina found out, they immediately divorced so now george and i are living happily together <3 you don't know yet? :o we must get the sorting hat immediately!

  6. sorry for the late reply. ive been trying not to go on karaholic so i could study. but i have a huge test on monday gahh. i read your ng fanfic! i love it! puhaha. update soon? :) im starting another one, but its not shinra. it's going to be a seo hyorim & song joongki fanfic. i dont think a lot of ppl rlly ship them tho. gah im a sophmore ><

  7. hahha. i really should start studying T T and thank you! <3 i miss your writing D: im going to start a new fanfic. that'll ill stick with LOL. but its onyeon & jaysica. and aww! i hope you do well at the end of the year. well your a senior so w/e!

  8. LOL ayumi! <3 whoot harry potter fans! what were you in? im in ravenclaw LOL. im married to george weasley. he divorced and came to me.

  9. hi :) i always see you in the shinra thread! my name is julie ^^

  10. i still can't get in >___< i'm going to try my sister's computer when she's done with her project!

  11. school is hell gahh. LOL. i have a project due tomorrow. i didn't even start puahha. im a wonderful student.

  12. haha okay! :) yes i really should! hopefully everything will be okay soon. so hows school for you?

  13. ahh really? that's a relief. i thought something happened to you T T i have midterms next week and i really should be studying but this whole mess is distracting me!

  14. omg soyeon. i've missed you so much! how have you been? is everything okay at home?

  15. i didnt take my midterms yet. they're next week! omg. i didnt start any of my hw. LOLOL. i fail. you failed english? psh i doubt it! and ahh idk. thanks for commenting on my drabble. i just wrote a new one, if you're interested ^^ ahh. and i know. and i hope kara and keep a really strong relationship!

  16. np ^^ yeah. i am so lost. i have midterms...gah. but kara....gah. im like dying T T i wish that they would all just go back to dspe and pretend nothing ever happened. if its like jyj and dbsk all over again, im going to shoot myself! or like jay park and 2pm. gah.

  17. ahhaha. i know. but its the only thing that could cheer us up right now!

    ok. i just realized that you requested on my tr thread. i forgot all about it. ill work on them now! LOL

  18. i know D:D:D:D: on the bright side...ONYEON MOMENTS! check the shinra thread!

  19. ahh, i log into karaholic to find out that kara is leaving DSP D:

  20. definitely. like no joke im dying. and aww study! we both should! LOL. theyre all on the same day?! mine is in three weeks. but im not prepared at all. not even a little. ahh. and i have to wake up 6 in the morning for all of them. theyre too early! haha. i missed you too! <3 im doing good. written any fanfics lately?

  21. school. haha. my midterms are coming up soon and i didn't really study. >< how are you?

  22. i have to start my hw ^^ you're thirteen? haha im your unnie!

  23. hey! sorry ive been offline for a while T___T