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  1. @ those so called expert(s)

    at this time, we don't need so many "gods" to deem who's wrong & who's right.

    there're always both sides to each story, so please take an unbiased step back & look at every fact with an open mind & a willing heart to accept the possibility of misjudgement.


    Lets just hope they are just stirring news and then in the end will be back together


  2. If whatever DSP said in their latest statement is true, our girls are in deep ###### right now. :thumbdown:

    Seems like it...

    From the looks of it, it also seems that the parents are the one who initiated them. Maybe things are not so bad but being parents, they do tend to over react. Parents are parents after all.

    I am just wondering how they are going to settle this dispute.

  3. Everyone has a point here and there.

    I am just hoping that this is just some tactic to stir up news.

    But if Kara were to break away from DSP, hopefully they will still be together as Kara...though Gyu ain't joining the suit.

    I don't how it is going to turn out but I'm just hoping for the best.

    And I don't think DSP can survive alone on Rainbow. Not saying they are not good but afterall they are new. (and also Kara>Rainbow =P)

    Then again, maybe it is not the company that is pushing the gals. Maybe it is us that want to see more of them that is pushing the limits.

    Not easy being a celebrity...

    Taking things on a lighter note, maybe we see a return of sunghee? lol =\

  4. Lets just hope for the best...

    Anyone who have any extra information do share with us here!

    I was just hoping that this is just a plot to just stir up some limeight for the company and the gals.

    With gyu not joining the case, maybe we can see a return of sunghee?


    Stay together please Kara!