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  1. you see, its the small details,small things that artists did like Jing did,,when she wrote letters to keep us up to date of what she currently doing or what is her current interests..its small things like this that made you feel very comfortable as her fan,,theres no better feelings than to see how your idol is trying to keep us updated with whatsoever they did now,,how they also care about how we doing in our lifes,,how she cares about us too as much as we cared about her..
    As a fan you cant ask for a better idol ,,im proud of her and so happy to see her good habit of writing messages to keep us updated.. :gemheart: :gemheart: :gemheart: :gemheart: :gemshout:


    Note: Thanks again for viperion hyung for translating :D

  2. Look guys.. The rules are simple.. Lets make it more simple.. If we find any photos of her that we dont know the source from(any photos not related to her activities or profesional life),,lets try just to enjoy it for ourselves and not to share/repost it on other sites or SNS,,that includes here..
    It might be abit uncomfortable not to be able to share her pics to public but we too have no right for some of her photos and surely most of us wouldnt have known which photos are meant to be privately for Bicycle and which are not.. So in order to respect the FC and the privacy of Jing,,from now on lets only share or repost her pics that are confirmed to be related to her profesionnal life.. We cannot interfere with her privacy,,some photos are meant only for her privately or her fc only so lets not interfere with it..

    She once had enough with her privacy being interfered,,lets make sure it dont happen again..

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  3. Idol world in KPOP is so different from other countries..in KPOP world..the trainees that spent thousands of hours training and better their skill..or even the most talented trainee themselves..have a very slight chance to be able to debut as idols in KPOP industry...there is a lot of requirements that these trainees had to achieve..not to mention,,not just in SM,,but preety much in all KPOP agengcies..the staffs always said the exact same thing to the trainees.. "Dont get too close to each other,you might be debuting in a different groups with them", in other words..for trainees..they are advised by their company to only better the skill of each individuals and not to care too much with other trainees around them..thats preety much the case that every trainees have to face on their trainee days..
    And even if these trainees have finally fixed in to one set group of artists..the chance of them being success in KPOP industry is also very very small..despite weve seen so many new idols these last few years...behind those success new idols..lies thousands of trainees that still have nothing but "Dream" to debut as an idol as well..

    theres a new girl group that debuted a couple years ago and their story,,i knew preety much all about their story from their trainee days untill the day now they've become one of KPOP Elite..but most of us only see the happy and sad times of them on their idols days..but if you can dig some info of your idols' trainees days..you will be surprised of how much sacrifice and sorrow and mental torture they had to go through from their trainee days until they made it as idols..

    SoJin was only one of so many others trainees of an agency that didnt actually made it to the KPOP industry and thus..we became the living witness of just how harsh the idol world really is..Not just it took her dream away..it even took her life away..
    I cant say she gave up too soon or whatsoever..we dont know just how much pain and sorrow that she had..we had NO clue of it..she took that burden herself and eventually it took her away with it..
    I dont really know SoJin..but i know one thing..because she was a trainee too..i can at least know abit of the pain that she and other trainees had to carry..
    and honestly..after all the hard work..to see yourself fail..its not something easy to take for some people..

    KPOP industry is a very great and fun world with the idols that had surfaced in it..but behind those idols from any agencies..lies thousands of trainees that still had nothing but the dream and will to work hard..in order to made it to the idol world...even if the chance is only 0,01% ..

    So for you guys that have idolized a certain artist in KPOP industry..please love them sincerely and please dont put hatred on other artist that is not your favourite..we dont know the "Hard Work" that our idols have to face until they become what they are now..so please respect each and every artist in KPOP industry..because from them we can learn what it looked like when we actually can achieve our dreams..
    And from the trainees all around Korea..from them,,we can learn abit of what is Hard Working and from Sojin..we can learn,,just how devastating a failure could affect to our lives..


    R.I.P Ahn Sojin

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  4. Deepest condolences to her family..


    Really really an unfortunate to thing to happen..i mean its just early 2015 and yet we have to lose yet another young talent full of potential in kpop industry..


    We really cant underestimate the power of Depression..it might seem harmless but actually its one of the most lethal desease a human could get..and unfortunately,,in this case this certain desease might also took Sojin's live away..


    Nothing we can do but pray for her and may she get a better place up there..


    And please..for all of us the KAMILIAS and kpopers out there..

    Please give all your prayers for her and the family left behind..may the family given the strenght to get through this unfortunate incident..


    Rest In Peace Sojin..

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  5. april seems to be one of the best month in 2015 ..all YG male artists will have a comeback,,miss A too,,Fiestar would too around march or april..who else..

    I mean just to see Bigbang and Miss A coming back is already great..now Nicole is joining in for her Japanese comeback? If Kara and Aoa would have their comebacks in April too then ,, April is the best month..lol

    Btw wish her all best for the japanese comeback..hope she could meet Jing in Japan!

  6. Gosh i watched the vid over and over again and still cant stop laughing,,especially looking at jackson,,never thought he could be so hilarious,,,at first i thought jackson were more a tough guy presence but now seeing him in roomate along with og and others,,i think jackson is just as crazy as og,,and just like that..my thoughts of jackson as the tough guy presence simply gone,,lol

  7. "she selectively chose some among the 20000+ pictures for her book"  ,, well well..if only those 20000 pictures of her were published..gosh i would need a bigger memory to keep it all..lol



    "she also proudly mentioned that she will like to give some copies to the kara members and she is certain that they will be shocked and surprised with the content" ,, until then, let us be the one who were shocked