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  1. RT @dokiebaedians: Team 13:00 BAE173 ' GT 'song produced by Kenzie (Veteran Hit Songs Producer of SM) Choreos by Shim Jaewon (SM Performan…

  2. RT @_karaholic: 20230303 - Happy hour ♡ #16주년_카라와_늘_해피아워 #16YearsWithKARA https://t.co/ultgqI2OPi

  3. RT @KpopChartNet: Nyanyikan Lagu 'ROAR' Dalam Bahasa Indonesia, Eric THE BOYZ Tidak Bisa Ucapkan Kata Ini! #Eric #THEBOYZ #ROAR https://t…

  4. RT @Kpop_Herald: .@KARAOFFICIAL329 is holding their first fan meeting in 9 years in celebration of their 15th debut anniversary. The "Move…

  5. RT @soompi: "#PeakTime" Overtakes "#BoysPlanet" To Become Most Buzzworthy Non-Drama TV Show In 1st Week On Air https://t.co/Ivif3mBCkb http…

  6. RT @eumbabe: 놀토 노래 번이래 https://t.co/0ZvLC1LvtT

  7. RT @oxyjinis: CUPID YOUNGJI IS BACK https://t.co/XRHEjcD2Lq

  8. RT @allkpop: #NCTDream's #Jeno and #Jisung mesmerize netizens with their moves in the 'Blue Check' TikTok challenge https://t.co/E8qdUR3Xt9

  9. RT @byeorocker: 슬기랑 대화하는 규리언니 몸짓 하나하나에 애교가 배어있어ㅠㅠ 둘이 무슨 얘기 했어요?? #아아악눈부셔박규리 @gyuri88 https://t.co/MSCG3b7T5G https://t.co/yIJSNTDQbw

  10. RT @dyosoobub: SUNG HAEEUN AND KIM JONGIN IN ONE EVENT???? I’m winning!!! #TransitLove2 #TransitLove2 https://t.co/NshUcyik6L

  11. RT @abogumn: WOAH😭 haeeun appeared on bambam’s new youtube content omg their reaction is so cute🤩 can’t wait for the next ep!💕 watch full…

  12. RT @oxyjinis: rent free 🥹 https://t.co/YhHQnl298u

  13. RT @PopBase: iKON has officially left YG Entertainment. https://t.co/oqZEvuCZk7

  14. RT @araaraftr: who's crying after see this vid..? its me.. 🙋🏻‍♀️im not even a cassiopeia or jaejoong's fan.. but how kara gave him surprise…

  15. RT @allkpop: #KARA members fulfill #Youngji's wishes by appearing at the airport hand-in-hand and fans find it too adorable 🐶 https://t.co/…

  16. RT @allkpop: Why #KARA's comeback is so successful https://t.co/RbPaA83MGN

  17. RT @arisan62: 11月25日に開催された「年中プラス ゲリラファンミーティング」の予告です。 https://t.co/3RrXhXxtA0

  18. RT @PureBombe: Lol Gyuri saying Youngji can't marry yet when a fan tries to propose to her

  19. RT @heosband: 울 영지 예쁜거 좀 봐주실분 https://t.co/uIZChtJWGS

  20. RT @Koreaboo: KARA Finally Reunite On Stage For The First Time In Seven Years At The "2022 MAMA Awards," And All The Reactions Show Their L…

  21. RT @kara_nikori: Knowing Brother Episode 360 ​​Trailer https://t.co/oOvGxaR1uk #KARA #카라 #カラ #Gyuri #박규리 #ギュリ #Seungyeon #한승연 #スンヨン #Nicol…

  22. RT @allkpop: #KARA to reportedly make a guest appearance on #IU's YouTube show 'IU's Palette' https://t.co/HxePLvM9fo

  23. RT @Jiyounglove_011: KARAが揃って動いてるよ😭😭😭 楽しみ!!!!! #kara https://t.co/hzvj8l32Q1

  24. RT @allkpop: #KARA wrap up filming MV for long-awaited comeback https://t.co/eSAg9jing0

  25. RT @reennhmdi22: terasa sampai terdiam is another level of pain.