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  1. Beautiful fine sweetest cutie Youngji! Why she is such pretty?))
  2. She is a monster of a variety! She is demanded in many shows, especially about cosmetics and food. Of course, all of us want from her a solo debut. DSP seems will give her this year one single.
  3. It was two years ago: [中/ENG SUB]YoungJi starcast: In line In line~ at Han River (KARA Life). I already miss for those times.
  4. I have just seen this photo: Jseph(KARD) and Youngji during Kara project. It is so lovely. DSP family!
  5. I want that Youngji has received a role in new series the drama
  6. Youngji. She was pleasant to me in Baby Kara at once. I supported Youngji and Chaekyung there. One of my girls has won, it was Youngji. I knew that she will win as her support and kawaii were not a joke. I was always surprised how to someone can it isn't pleasant, this darling and the charming child
  7. Youngji is able to create an intrigue))
  8. I so lack a new season with Chamsonyeo.. It was the super group.
  9. Hi, everybody! I am glad that this Youngji thread is live too and is regularly updated