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  1. YoungJi IG update trans: I will cheer for everyone who is running towards their dreams♡ Thank you”
  2. Youngji confesses to suffering from binge eating disorder after KARA disbanded http://netizenbuzz.b..._medium=twitter Article: Heo Youngji, "After KARA disbanded, I was diagnosed with binge eating disorder" Source: OSEN via Nate 1. [+410, -14] What really broke my heart about Heo Youngji is that she worked so hard when she joined KARA to the point where she knew the dances and songs better than her unnis on random play dance and she was the one teaching them.. She practiced so hard for all of KARA's songs and dances only to end up disbanding months later... 2. [+304, -9] I'd be pretty upset too if I was chosen for a group that disbanded that fast... how ridiculous 3. [+299, -32] The world only markets the 1%... while the remaining 99% disappear without a word. Same goes for any career. 4. [+48, -2] I think idol documentaries are needed these days because of how many children dream of becoming celebrities and how many audition shows there are. You need to show the realities of this life so that kids realize that the spotlight isn't all there is. This is a great documentary in a saturated idol market like ours today so I don't get why people are viewing this so negatively. 5. [+43, -5] I remember KARA came to perform at our festival and Goo Hara and Han Seungyeon were acting like they had the celebrity disease ㅋㅋ the host was passing them the mic and asking them to talk but they were just laughing. Heo Youngji was the only one who worked hard giving her interview. After their stage, they were going down and didn't even turn around to wave at their fans but Heo Youngji stayed and smiled and waved and everything. Goo Hara and Han Seungyeon ㅡㅡ I swear, they thought they were top stars 6. [+18, -5] People always complain that celebrities make too much money but that's only the top 0.001%. It's the same as corporations... the top dogs make millions but that's really only 1-2% of the company. It's a lot easier to make it in the corporate world than become successful as a celebrity. 7. [+15, -3] I'd say she was successful if she was able to purchase a building in her twenties. Goo Hara, Suzy, Han Seongyeon, Soyu... countless of them. 8. [+12, -3] They whine like this all the time and yet there are so many trainees who dream of becoming them 9. [+7, -5] You can buy a building after only a few years of suffering ㅋㅋㅋ she doesn't know how good she has it
  3. SBS Special Idol's life after the end of the stage with YoungJi 28/10/18 (trailer)