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  1. Spazz

    I translated Youngji's interview from 'The Star'. I can't help it because I find her so adorable. (I did this in quite a hurry. So excuse me for any mistake in grammar or translation. And kindly point it out for me. Thanks) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We ran into each other for a while in front of the studio before. What were you eating that your mouth was smeared like that? -I'm surprised you suddenly asked about that. I couldn't have breakfast this morning so I was eating sandwich at that time. I always eat like that. So, people around me are so worried. That I don't look like a celebrity. (laugh) Isn't that charming? There's a reason why we're looking for you here and there. Are you busy nowadays? -We're going to release a Japanese mini album soon. I prepare for my Japanese activities on days I'm off from filming. On my rest days, I receive pilates lesson. Actually, there's almost no rest days. Why are you making your life that busy? -It's not that I can't sqeeze some time to rest at all. I just want to keep improving myself. That's the reason why I asked my manager to put me on a tight schedule on purpose. You're running forward just fine. Do people around get jealous of you? -So far, I haven't sense any jealousness. Also, none of those around me are jealous. Everyone treats me very well. I like how it is now. Everyday is happiness and I'm so grateful. If there's a chance, I wan't to challenge myself as a musical actress too. I heard that before you're successful as a Kara member, you faced so many difficulties as a trainee. - I was the only founding member and the rest of the members kept on changing. The member changes was so hard for me. Just when the new member and me get closer, that person then dropped out. That happened not only to me but I did face so many difficulties. Still, without all those times, I guess I won't be who I am right now. Was there anything that scared you when you were chosen as the new Kara member? -Rather than being scared, the excitement is bigger. There are fans who have been with Kara for 8 years. I'm excited to know what they think of me. That's why, I read the letters from fans in details. Reading "I'm happy that you're a Kara member" or "You really fit into Kara" give me strength and I'm so thankful. Kara members seem very close to each other. I heard that Koo Hara even paid for your 10 pilates sesions. -All other members are very strict about self-management. Hara unnie's body is all muscles. My whole body is literally a lump of flesh. Hara unnie gave it as an encouragement. After that, I fell for it. Everyday morning, I would tell her before going, "Unnie, I'm out to excercise" (In formal) Do you still speak formally with the members? -People said, even if married couple use formal speech, they won't have a big fight. Being with members whom I met and spent times everyday, of course I have to be extra careful and watch my manners. I like how it is now. So far, there isn't any celebrities that I speak informally with. Ah, except with GOT7's Jackson. I speak casually with him. He's a same aged friend. You said you were a tomboyish kid during your childhood? -My nickname when I was small is 'Wild Horse'. And when my mom was pregnant with me, everyone predicted that I was a boy. I made a lot of movements and was very active that my mom always screamed "Aigo, my belly". And that's why, all baby items they bought me were for baby boy. If you look at my pictures during childhood, there were always robots in my hands. I was a kid who loved robots more that barbie dolls. It seems that you were a naughty kid. -Once, I saw my mom my putting on eye shadow and it looked beautiful. Thinking "Let's put a dark color", I put nail polish into my eyes. Normally, people would close their eyes while doing so, right? But how I was supposed to know that. I was only a kid. They rushed me to the Emergency Department. I almost became blind. How about your school days? -When I was an exchange student, I studied very hard but I was not a good student. There were also times that I felt so sad and cried while talking to my mom. I still remember that my mom told me that I'm a late bloomer to comfort me. Of course that was not the reason why I enjoyed Arts & Physical Education. (laugh) I was the kind of kid who plays wholeheartedly during recess. Up to a point that I had to wear cast on my feet alternately. When the teacher asked me, "Why are you still wearing the cast?", I then told him/her "This time, I hurt the other side". If I was being quiet, that means I was sick that day. Were you a student who liked decorating/pretty stuffs? -Absolutely not. I didn't even know what 'Converse' sneakers were that there was once, my mom and I went for a walk at Dongdaemun and bought a pair of fake one. I was very happy to get a pair of new shoes so the next day, I brought it together with the box to school to show off. The others literally held their stomach and bursted out laughing. Instead of 'ALL STAR', 'TWO STAR' was written on the shoes. That was how clueless I was about brand names. Is there anything that you regret when you were a student? -I regret that I didn't play harder. When I was a trainee, I only attended morning class and went to company after that. So, I don't really have many memories with friends. I really regret it. I couldn't even join school trip. My friends provoked me by telling how fun it was and I got so upset. I saw the interview, the one when you bought your parents long johns for lunar new year. (note: it's a tradition to buy parents long johns after getting the first paycheck) -I haven't received my paycheck so I don't really have money. Even for the long johns, I mustered up the courage to buy it. I'm on a tight budget. (laugh) Everyone thought I earned a lot but that was a misunderstanding. I want to buy them nice things in the future. My parents can look forward to how awesome the presents I would want to get them. If you received your paycheck, what do you want to give them? -I'll give them my card. Ah, of course it's even possible now but there is no balance in my account. How was Chamsonyeo's (Kwon Sohyun-G.Na-Lizzy-Youngji) activities? -We got to perform 'Magic Words' on our debut stage aka our last stage. In other words, for just one stage. I said "I'm looking forward to Season 2!" but it was all edited out and they didn't show it on broadcast. We also charted on digital charts but for stage performance, that was all. The song is very nice. I hope they'll continue with Season 2 and have the same members as before. Can you tell Chamsonyeo's members charms? -Lizzy unnie is innocent and bubbly. I find her so lovable. About G.Na unnie, she's sexy but there's cuteness in her. And my same aged friend, Sohyun is a courteous girl and is like an unnie. If you could compare it with Kara's acticity? -With Chamsonyeo, it was very chaotic and unpredictable. On the other hand, Kara's practice room is very quiet. Plus, we don't drag time. The teamwork is very solid that we often finished earlier than the appointed time. Everyone did their best not to cause others any harm. No matter how much effort I give, I still couldn't catch up with Unnies' experiences. Which show/program that you find least burdensome? -None of the show/program that I feel at ease. But still, I look forward to Roommate. Last time, I couldn't even sleep. It's so exciting & I like it up to a point I wonder, "What else will we do tomorrow?". Even when I was there, I couldn't really sleep. I guess I was the last person to sleep. I could see everyone's sleeping habit. Who has bad sleeping habits? -I think Gookju unnie has yet to find a specific place to sleep. She said she found the bed uncomfortable. So she prefers to sleep on the floor but watching last week's episode, I found out that she slept on the sofa. I'm not sure if that's a bad sleeping habit or if she just moved around while sleeping. During <Game of Thrones>, I was surprised to see that you won the iron bar challenge. Is your physical strength that good? -Before we started the game, Soyou sunbaenim said, "This game is not about how strong your arm is, but how strong is your will to hold it on". She was right. My arm is actually weak. And seeing how I could win that game, it's really all about the will power. Amber sunbaenim who lasted together with me acknowledged that. After that, she kept telling me to go to the army. Is there any charm of yours that people still don't discover? -The reserved/modest side of me. Honestly, laughing till my uvula is shown is not a pretty thing to see. If Youngji is mentioned, the image of a bubbly & tomboyish girl will come to most people's mind. But when I stay put, I also have the innocent & modest side of me. I want to show the serious part of me too. Actually, it seems that the easygoing side of me is the only thing that is shown on screen. It doesn't look that good. I agree. A feminine Heo Youngji is a bit better. -I also have that girly side of me. It's not that I didn't show it on purpose, but I guess I'm a bit lacking at that. As mentioned before, I have zero interest on fashion before. I never bought my own clothes before I became a singer. And it's only limited to t-shirts. They were all 2nd hand clothes that I got from my sister. When I started living in a dorm, I brought all the clothes available in the house that my sister got nothing to wear. That's how severe it was. You're such an unceleb-like celebrity. Is there any other areas that you want to try doing in the future? A lot. I want to try acting and musical. Also writing & composing songs. My dream is to make songs and write honest lyrics like the ones from g.o.d's 'Love & Memory' and 'To My Mother'. And if I was allowed to include them in Kara album, that would be the best. "Composed & Written by Heo Youngji". It feels so great even by just imagining it. What kind of singer do you want to be? A singer that is liked by everyone. Yoo Jaesuk sunbaenim is the national MC, right? So I want most people to smile heartwarmingly feeling 'She's a fine kid' when they heard the name, 'Heo Youngji'.
  2. It's a korean saying..if you laugh after you just cried, you'll grow horn out of your butt...basically, "don't be bipolar"...or else, you'll turn into a beast. a video when hammie once mentioned it.
  3. Spazz

    Source: http://www.instiz.net/bbs/list.php?id=pt&no=2496093&page=1&k=%EC%98%81%EC%A7%80&stype=1 Someone met Youngji by chance and shared what she experienced. I find it so cute that I feel like sharing it here as well.
  4. ^ I'm one of those who got mad about the ratings the moment I read it ...but, I wanna share these 2 quotes that make me feel better : ------- everything happens will only make Hara stronger & better ...I can't wait the moment later in the drama when DH will know that her Appa is involved/will be killed as I believe she'll show us something daebak then...And all the critics, get ready to eat your own words!
  5. I love the mood of the drama when Hara appeared... YS is so mean with his word but DH doesn't seem to care...she only wants to be with YS be it as a tutee or even bravely asked him for a date! I literally laughed when YS was referring DH as a kiddo and orangutan! Also when he said, 'I thought only your head is bad (stupid?), your ear too?' after DH kept on pestering him to be her tutor. Now, time to spazz about the drama! Can't wait for today's episode!!
  6. @Yoo sorry for the late reply! You can address me as JJ Anyone here who already watched the 1st episode? I so love this drama! Anyone wants to do some spazzing with me? City Hunter fighting! Hara fighting!! can't wait for tomorrow!!! anyone knows the 1st episode rating? curious to know
  7. I've fixed "100103 - Hara on MBC Echo House" already, pls check again. thank you :)

  8. New preview of City Hunter! credit:aceham9@YT
  9. Yoo-nim I really hope she'll at least be like Hyomin in 'My Girlfriend is a 9miho' who liked the the male protagonist but ended up supporting the two lead characters' love. Just exactly like how you wanted it to be and I personally don't want Dahye to be someone the viewers will curse at when she appears on screen...We all know that it's just a drama but some people can get carried away with what they watch on screen and hate the actor/actress because of the role they portray...(eg: UEE in 'You're Beautiful'-I still remember how almost everyone who watched the drama hate her character and some people even curse/hate UEE instead of the character she played )
  10. ^ LOL! I was about to post the same pictures! btw, it's nice to read that she's much loved on set! And how the producer is assuring us to look forward to Hara's acting! Arghh!! Can't wait for 25th
  11. Hara's picture from SBS. She'll play the president's youngest daughter
  12. From what I read in soompi, Hara's character is not something small...Daji (Hara's character) is somewhat related to both Minho & Minyoung...and according to this news article, Minho is Hara's tutor and Minyoung is the bodyguard... that means, Hara will have many interactions with both main actor & actress.. and also, someone there shared this: Can't wait for it to air on 25th! and if I am not mistaken, City Hunter will replace the slot for 49 Days right?
  13. haha...i think it's unintentionally....it seems like she was yawning...good timing!
  14. this is so cute^^ LOL at their Mr costumes