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  1. last wednesday was their last guessing on sukira!!! how sad is that!! :C waaaa

  2. no more hyukri in sukira my friend...:C

  3. I still feel like dreaming (my HYUKRI) wanna watch hara and gyuri in haha mong last gyuri on a variety show

  4. NNNOOO NOOO NOOO wait i think im going to cry!!! NOOOOOOOOO..serious?? show me the site so i can watch it


    junsu picked gyuri as his 3rd choice in WGM....i can smmeel WGM working on this one...NOOO HYUKRI ONLY....(i commented this on my profile lol..gotaa go delet it)

  6. ok i'll be patience and wait for fall then..cause im seriously annoyed seeing snsd, shinee,t-ara ect having new shows. cf, and movies..well gues not annoyed but can't wait on wed. SUKIRA

  7. i todally agree with you! if they stop guesting in sukira im gonna go crazy llol..but yea secret interactions are kinda cute too..wish gyuri would go show more in star king or strong heart......

    ps.. seriously kara needs to show more on tv..cause radios and concert won't do them no good...:C

  8. .........................i have this feeling that seungyeon or hara are going to be the first ones in kara to be on WGM or nicole.........................

  9. ps..i know finally some fans mentioned so looking forward next wednesday..this is like a drama with ep. lol

  10. LOL.LOL.LOL...ya i copied u just spreading the love lol..i don't have acount on youtube but im active searching for interactions i'll watch more

  11. SUJU IS ALREADY THERE!! OGM im BEYOND jealous! my suju T

  12. OGM!! that was bet they were kinda shy....but their just kept it cause then it would be akward..hear eunhyuk?? after eeteuk said it he reaplied quickly to (my imgination) love it!!...omg! suju is in philippiines now im so jealous cause im filipino but i move in US..anyways KARASUJU fighting...hyukri-eungyu fighting/

  13. how'd u know that the fans called them eungyu?? which part cause i watched it in tudou but i don't know which part.......they didn't guest this wednesday with krystal (f(x)) ??? ;C

  14. ad cause they don't talk much anymore:C did u see sukira 100331 yet? hope next week there's going to be more interactions..what about u express your feelings in my

  15. lol..we are both like HYUKRI crazy fans!! seriously what would i do to make this to in a show together where more people could support them??..your know what since ur a hyukri fan too im gonna tell u my observations in sukira..first eunhyuk was the one who is kinda intrested and always looking at gyuri but now its gyuri who was always taking a quick glance to eunhyuk she kinda also looks s

  16. im a filipino too!! and I love gyuri!!....Hyukri....where u from manila?? lucky SUJU IS COMING THERE APRIL 10!!!