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  1. Heo youngji!! this girl has grown on me!!! I've always adored gyuri but I don't know...heo youngji has snuck her way to the top!! she has awaken the kara fan in me again, I am very impressed with her and I feel like she deserves more love from all kamilias!!
  2. yup, that would be my answer....and YEAH!! gyuri looks AMAZING everyone on akp is loving her, woooohooo!

  3. OMG kara's album cover is stunning!! gyuri such a goddess <3

  4. 2mm(3.14)= 6.28mm that's it right?

  5. ya it was the step one troll to like kara and another to apologize, kill em with kindness XD haha, now im on the fragrance article of kara...spamming till i get alot of comments in for that article....but yeah, about the quarter thing, the width and length would be the same, however im thinkin that bc its a circle you have to find the circumference A=2(pi)r..i think..

  6. lol i did beat up one anti at allkpop before XD i raid her profile and scold her hahah she she shot back a few times but i dont see her anymore in kara articles XD is it from the "step" article?

  7. the length and the width is the same 2 mm so if i divide them then i would get 1mm? T__T i dont get it. let me try sending the web. again

  8. hey hun, sorry for not responding quick i was too bz on allkpop beating up the anti should join us its fun messin with them lol! but anyway did you get the answer?

  9. it says estimate the diameter of the following in mm

    the quarters lenght is 2 and the width is about 2.5 so i'll divide them?

  10. of the circle....does that make sense?

  11. hey, i checked that website you posted but it would only show half way on my computer for some reason.....but i saw the ruler and the top half of the quarter, but yes the small lines are millimeter and big lines are inches...what you would do is basically measure the length of that, like how you'd find the circumference of a u get it? the length/width would be considered the diame...

  12. the small lines are the mm and the inches are the big lines right?

  13. that's what was thinking too but doesn't it involve alot on the computer? I couldn't do my job properly if that's the case XD

    ...hey i need your help

    i don't know how to measure it..

    can you give me an example? here's an example

    1. estimate the diameter of the following in mm. quarter________...

  14. well its good that you figure out what you want to do instead of wasting your time for 2 yrs trying to get into a field you don't like. But why don't you try art, your really good at that...Graphic designer maybe???

  15. hahaha~ chemistry!XD..i took psychology but like the communication that i took on my 1st sem, there's a discussion and presentation 4-5 page long! i chickened out and dropped it >.< so now i can dedicate my time to chemistry :D I don't think Im going for medical field anyways :(