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  1. I believe all the Kamilias in the world will have the same level of enthusiasm! Don't believe? Come SINGAPORE for a concert or showcase, WE WILL SHOW IT!
  2. Have a world tour! At least come to Singapore for a showcase or a CONCERT! All set and ready to queue for the concert and have a wonderful experience of a lifetime!
  3. Hopefully this dispute will be officially resolved quickly. If not it is hard for them to appear in performances. OMG KARA...JUST COME TO SINGAPORE ALREADY! =P
  4. Kara is mine? Kara is yours? Kara is ours! Kara is love
  5. Thanx for sharing! Will take follow the real account! And seems like a good news for the Kara crisis! KARA5EVER!
  6. I'm more proud than disappointed. These gals carry such huge responsibilities at such a young age. Especially Jiyoung =) Heart ache for me is that sometimes I wish I can do something more meaningful to help them other than just supporting and buying their stuff =P
  7. Sunghee is getting married in April I think. Maybe Kara will attend? Hopefully a performance of Kara4 and Kara5!
  8. I like jiyoung part when they go solo in the MV with the large disco ball. She is so mesmerising!
  9. I remember watching qualities of man and a few fan got a chance to meet them but they rejected the offer kindly. This is what they said, "We just like to cheer for them behind stage. There should be a distance between a star and a fan. We have to maintain that distance. A star shouldn't be in close reach." Spoken like a true fan. But nonetheless, I am a fan. Being a lover is better? LOL!
  10. I try it everyday lol Yea and I think that is why Nicole is in the middle at the start? lol
  11. Jiyoung tweet put me alittle more at ease now!

  12. I'm going IT show tomorrow i think...

    today abit lazy lol!

  13. hello engineer! lol

  14. OMG FINALLY SOME LIGHT! Yay! Hoping everything will go smoothly... Please don't come out another stun, don't know how much the gals, you guys or I can take anymore... Stay positive! Fighting!
  15. Kara, no matter what happens, we're with you!

    At least for me, it always has and always will be!

  16. This is turning out to be quite an intellectual debate. Either way, I hope you guys keep up the healthy discussions. I guess we all know that the last thing should happen here is a dispute among us. I hope everyone will still continue to support them through this crisis. To tell the truth, I am worried. I would not say it is affecting me to a large extent but it is definitely I' having a hard time trying to focus on my studies in university, but I wonder how long I can keep this up. For those of you out there who are in similar situation, FIGHTING! Kara5ever!
  17. Things have turned out this way, which all of us does not want it to become. Like all of you out there, it just hurts as much to see them this way. The fact that all of us are voicing out our opinions and thoughts shows that we care very much for the gals. Wonder how are they right now...the thought of it just makes me emotional. But let us all be strong. Whatever the outcome, KARA, We're With You! (at least for me, it always was and always will be )
  18. Looks like its more news monitoring now again. Everyday bit by bit is revealed... Wonder what is going to happen to Jet Coaster Love... So many unanswered questions regarding the lawsuit. Lets just hope for the best guys =) KARA5EVER!
  19. Wow! cool family! To me Jiyoung still looks the best! >_^ *shy*
  20. And so it begans again... Whatever the outcome is, we can only support KARA! Try not to jump to conclusions guys...the last thing we want is a dispute among us again(last month posts) Hope the gals and us stay strong KARA5EVER!
  21. Yea I also thought they were starting to talk thing out... What a sudden move Looks like its time to monitor the news again. Man last month was worrying enough and now it began again. KARA5EVER!
  22. ZZZzzzzzzzz How I wish we are all there to protect them from the crowd... As for the point commenting We'll see how it goes