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  1. OMG! thanks superkarafan! you're amazing and I know my baby nicole is such a hard worker but I hope she didn't force her body too much, since she's just healing her injury... and tokyo dome?! wow...!! i know tokyo dome is amazing!! but I need your opinion about it will KAMILIA go to KARA concert on tokyo dome if KARA hold one this year? I mean they already finished KARASIA JAPAN and yet they want to hold another one on tokyo dome I really wish this concert will sold out, but I still need KAMILIA point of view, since it will cost more money... after all I just need KARASIA DVD in korea and JAPAN! I must have it!!
  2. can you please upload this show again??

    the link is already dead.. too bad i haven't download it yet..

    please on mediafire please...

  3. hey, i want to download but it already dead since megaupload closed.. can you upload it again on MF?

    thanks a lot ^^

  4. OMG! they're so cute and pretty in it!! ^^ [c] kbsworld If there is a dead link, please notify us on the Streambox Request Thread!
  5. thank you mae!! love nicole so bad!! her voice is soo soothing!! i wish she did a lot of solo!!
  6. first time i know nicole from SGB! she really caught my attention, her broken korean help me love her more with her bubbly personality make me love KARA! so i must thanks to nicole, because she makes me love KARA! and I love every move of her~ just cute and natural~
  7. congrazzttttt!! our girls are deserved it!! anyway i don't know KDDI! but i'll search it from now on!!
  8. wow! great job kara! these numer are awesome! i never hate snsd but not loving them too much but i must say their wave is crazy!! gee and genie is daebak too~ anyway soka line is Jjang!! can't wait kara 2nd single!!
  9. Hellow. Nice to meet you here, remember me???but i know your id from IDWS. Ha3x.


  10. hi, can I join your conversation?? hehe... I'm very happy they show nicole on kara dorm~ and her room is totally mess! she need to clean up and decorated her room lol when I see seungyeon and gyuri room, they look quite adorable, but nicole room quite messy lol but she's so cute when she found sock under her bed~ "that's not mine" anyway i really happy that she get another oportunity to sing a song with PMS, actually i never listen jessica vers. so i just wait nicole song kekeke.... 6 days to go right?? i hope karaholic will sub kara dorm *praying*
  11. I really love to see her solo one day.. but not now.. she need to improve her singing ability! i really love nicole voice, so unique!! but sometimes her voice off key(?) i dunno what it called, but now she already improved it!! i can see it when she sing my name and some other singer song! she did the best among her group member!! and I still love to see her in KARA!! they look awesome together!! and I bet nicole will be someone like hyori if she go solo! because she has everything that solo singer need :eyelove:
  12. I really like nicole!! even minho ask her why she doesn't ask him about high jump in DT show!! so cute... minhoxnicole pairing is cute too~
  13. hey... i'm newbie... i just wanna know what nicole latest work?? i mean individual work.. she seems so free, =( i miss her in SGB and veterian school... so bad she leave sgb already