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  1. Merry Christmas!!

    1. nadia520


      Merry Christmas!! I hope I'm not too late haha

    2. Reiki


      Never late!Haha!

  2. Hello,Nadia!!Long time no see...:)

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    2. Reiki


      there is no notifications in my inbox.I dont know you had reply my message long time ago!How are you?

    3. nadia520


      same here@@ I guess there is no notification for replying??

      btw, I'm great how about you?=DDD

    4. Reiki


      I set up already from setting,so I know you replied me already!

      Fine too!Glad to hear from you again.:)

  3. poor hammieTT health is the most important thing, hope she will get well very soon!its sad to see her feeling bad about the event
  4. Hello "Nobody till you" is now updated. Thanks for reading =)

  5. ok,i wont force u to reveal chinese name,I will call u nadia.:)

  6. you want to know my chinese name? lol

    coz I don't really like revealing my chinese name=P

  7. haha!Now wonder I cant see your reply..

    Ok,I will call u nadia but this seems not like chinese name.

  8. oh silly me...I left the comment on my own profile=.= that's why you can't see it lol

    that's what I replied:

    sure...actually I cut it from my wallpaper lol...I'm too lazy to make new ones for phone lol

    Nadia is okay=)))

  9. your phone display is same as mine.

    if you doing next time can u give me too?

    the first photo i like so much.thx.

    btw,how should I call u?

  10. I don't know if you like these two pics...

    Since my phone is galaxy S2, I've tried to use these two as wallpaper and it turned out quite well.

  11. Oh,can you make for me? I want Speed Up phone wallpaper for samsung galaxy. If you can make please do for me. Thanks.:)

  12. haha...actually im too lazy to change other names haha...

    I've tried before but it's quite hard to make graphics within small want it?

  13. ya,do you make wallpaper for smartphone?

  14. yesterday I accidentally found u on the online member,so the first weird question I asked u was do you speak Chinese?because ur username is same as karachina.