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  1. My hotel near LAX. You guys still going to try and meet the girls at the airport?
  2. If we meeting Kara at the airport, should meet at LAX before then. Guess we can all exchange our contacts soon for those who may meet them. I will be in LA evening of Aug 8 so only can if they haven't came then. Who in for trying to meet them at LAX? I'm in if they haven't arrived before I get to LA.
  3. I'm still in. I will get in LA late Aug 8 and leave after concert the next morning. Hopefully can catch Kara at the airport but who knows when they arrive.
  4. So far not much Kamilia representation on the Facebook page. Absolute Kpop said they will update the numbers. Hopefully we get it but seems a tall task for now.
  5. Wow, think Kamilias will have enough? We can only register for one fan group.
  6. Haha, yeah, how we suppose to know when to arrive? Would be sad for them to arrive and hardly anyone there. Is there still interest in group discounts on hotels? I prob need to book soon but always good to share the costs and with fans.
  7. KaraStepup, I think I'm going to fly to LA but could use a ride to LAX that day and ride to San Fran after. Willing to pay for most if not all the gas.
  8. Tickets are quite high. We still meeting at LAX? Might be only chance to see them up close.
  9. Unless meet and greet, VVIP kinda iffy. If meet and greet, no question.
  10. Going to take a bit of time to decide. Hmm. Quite expensive.
  11. I'll prob be in LA the night of Aug 9. Will need to book a hotel for that night. Karastepup: Was thinking of renting a car but might be overkill. I'm more than willing to pay for gas. Now I need to find a way to get from LA to San Fran after the concert. Anyone know a good shuttle service or suggestions to get there? Thanks
  12. I want 1 VVIP ticket. My friends aren't as hardcore so even if they go, they not going to try and get those.
  13. Wonder how much VVIP are. Will see tomorrow.