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  1. [151029] Gyuri at 2015 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards
  2. [151016] Gyuri ~ 2016 SS Seoul Fashion Week 'The Climax' x x She is so pretty!!
  3. She is so beautiful!! makes me want to cry T.T, thank you for sharing!!
  4. [150914] Gyuri at the airport, going back to Korea cr:yasushi_old
  5. So far there is only one proper HD scan, but the others are pretty good quality: cr:karadises
  6. [150903] Gyuri x From the Airport ~ MBC Music 'Picnic Live Outing' video link: here I was trying to embed the video here but it doesn't show once i post it Idk if it's because I haven't looked around properly but I don't see the Haryu Pia photos of Gyuri, so I will just post them haha: cr: amichinakara
  7. As the Cupid promotion era has officially ended, one last post with as many picture I could find haha 150528 ~ M! Countdown 150611 ~ M! Countdown 150616 ~ The Show
  8. ^ I actually felt that the episode was so short haha, I just wanted to see more of Gyuri, but I guess I can't be too greedy. I guess I'm thankful to 4Things show to allow us fans to see different sides of Gyuri. Cupid era has now finished! They worked hard, hope they get to rest a bit... here is a picture of Gyuri leaving Inkigayo after the goodbye stage I'm pretty sure she is wearing little-to no make up but she still look so pretty
  9. ^ Ikr XD Who's excited about Gyuri's collaboration!!! cr:fromtheairport twitter
  10. I think since Step era, Gyuri has been trying to drop the 'Goddess' image in variety shows and go more for a dork, dancing machine one cr: Gyulforever00
  11. ^ I always wonder how she can be so pretty Gyuri ~The Show 150609 Gyuri ~ Show Champion 150610