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  1. RT @kkong100: 5ㅏ라.. 어디야.. 언제와..

  2. RT @nurcmlia_: Me & friend be like "aku rasa fizik lagi senang dari kimia walaupun selama ni aku benci fizik"

  3. RT @haraggul: that's why i stick w/ bf5 bye

  4. RT @notaspm: sebelum post gambar kaji dulu pls jangan main cakap je

  5. RT @SooJungForever: You know MAMA is messing up cause if you give an f(x) fan even 1 sec of f(x) screentime we're usually super happy, but …

  6. RT @SampahRemajaKL: Girl : "hi fazura i love your reality tv show"Fazura "wow Thank you"Girl: "Macam reality tv kimK"Fazura: https://…

  7. RT @faridfarish: She has a reality show on E! and she doesn't even know what #KimK stands for. for her level, she at least needs to know wh…

  8. RT @eatdatpaper: "Fazura I'm your fans!""Aw where are you from?""Kmk asal Sarawak!""So this is how a muslim proudly uses her language on…

  9. RT @chinphang98: I never felt so stupid in my life. #spm2015

  10. RT @InfinitelySY: [bREAKING] Weekly Idol to temporarily rename their show Weekly "Artist" in honour of IKON's guest appearance

  11. RT @rnoonsuns: kangin weight-shamed lovelyz(???) and misgendered amber, all in one episode, It's time to go

  12. RT @ElizaHaRa: time to keep your eyes open widely, don't jump to conclusions. Lastly, prepare your heart whatever the choice will be. fight…

  13. RT @MySweetKARA: MY kamilia let's gathering in year 2016 !!