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Status Updates posted by jobesam02

  1. hello :) I was semi-hiatus for awhile that's why I just replied now. We have so many projects~~~~~OMG!!!

  2. just Chesca V? I searched you but there were a lot of people with the same name.

  3. Ah!I hope that you guys get accepted:)

    You live in Florida but your filipino, right?

    I live in the Philippines but I was born in Australia ^.^

  4. i just realized that I type "anyway" a lot. :P

  5. really? your going to dance lucifer? wahh! thats so awesome. how about a vid and posting it on youtube so i can see the dance? LOL :)) anyway, where do live again?

  6. Waeyo?~~anyway, im so happy that the shining melody thread reached 100!!hooray:))

  7. Unni!~~~~~~kkkkk~~~~~~just wanted to drop by :)))

  8. opps! i realized that what i said was totally confusing..keke..sorry >_<

  9. hi unnie! :) yep, a big keycole/nikey fan~ i was a fan back then. I only commented to their interactions now but i was shipping them way back..^^

  10. unni, i want to tell you how good you are in making icons! :) but is it really okay not to credit you? kekeke~