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  1. 13 hours ago, Eugene Machinarchy said:

    Various Friday and Saturday Retrospect :-)

    YoungJi and Seungyeon here again as two twin sisters :-)


    It's amusing to watch this 2Night version. In the version Baby Kara, YoungJi executed all Seungyeon line(As well as in "Mister"). YoungJi and Seungyeon very well can replace each other with a vocal and visually. As if really DSP wanted to make couple of twins)

    :eyelove: :eyelove: :eyelove:

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  2. 19 hours ago, Eugene Machinarchy said:

    Jinwoon's Instagram (YoungJi pasted her photo on her battery & he took a pic when the phone fell during filming MustEat20 1f602.png)  

    YoungJi liked and left a comment on Jinwoon's instagram of her phone.

    Luv mamma mia era sooo much2764.png1f618.png


    Aigooo, cutie Youngji :=))::=)):

    Fans who didn't know the context of that battery pic think that they are dating :hihi:

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  3. On 10/4/2017 at 9:30 PM, red4summer said:

    Last Episode

    I remember when I first started watching this series, I "questioned" myself on why I was watching an eating show. Without a doubt, Youngji is the number one factor. However, episode by episode, I started to appreciate the theme of the show and began liking the girls. Now that it has ended and watched them holding back their tears, it is saddening. Can't wait for the (Chinese) subtitles to arrive sooner.

    To EChannel : Strong Girls season 2 please 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Eugene Machinarchy said:

    We with the wife hope to find somehow YoungJi in "Coffee Terior" :-) 
    Mother of YoungJi said that YoungJi most often happens there in the evening on the days off. In the following arrival we will try to visit cafe several times at this time. There very tasty feed with that: cocoa and cheese-honey pie :-)

    Whoaa thanks for the tips, i will visit coffee terior again when i'm in Seoul.   

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  5. 1 hour ago, red4summer said:

    Nice and I realized I'm not as dedicated as you. I meant I won't fly out just to meet my idol, it's a complicated matter. T.T

    As fans, we all love her in our special way, right ? :gemcheer: You @red4summer and @Eugene Machinarchy  by always updating this thread and me by flying 7 hours to attend her fanmeeting :lol::lol::lol: . Hope someday you guys can meet her in person too :)

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  6. 4 hours ago, Eugene Machinarchy said:

    You went to Japan only because of YoungJi? :-)

    Yup, first I want to attend her fanmeeting and second, it's winter so i want to experience snow ( i lived in indonesia, only 2 seasons in here). There was also Sakura Matsuri in Kawazu and Miura (outside Tokyo) so I went there too.   

    3 hours ago, red4summer said:


    So you did attend. :) But what?! You gave out the chance to go on stage to meet Youngji in close-up?! Serious?! Not a bit of regret now?! LOL


    Little bit regret yes LOL. I know she can speak english but i'm not sure about her interpreter lady, so i gave up :lol:.

    i meet her in close up when she hand out the postcard to fans in the end of the show. So pretty and milky skin :inluv:.  I said i'm fans from indonesia and it took me 7 hours to fly from Jakarta to Tokyo to meet her :D . She said thank you for coming, and when i said "Fighting, Youngji-ya" she replied with "FIGHTING" :determined:

    Such a happy and cute kid :D:D:D, really really wish to see her back on stage again

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  7. On 2/19/2017 at 9:39 AM, Eugene Machinarchy said:



    Fan videos from YoungJi fanmiting. 


    On video YoungJi sings the song "Sunshine Miracle". The Fanmiting has been divided into two parts therefore YoungJi sings "Sunshine Miracle" twice (in red, it seems an encore). Then YoungJi took a selfie together with the hall then hasn't sustained and has burst into tears before all fans. It is touching  :cry:


    I was there (the second/evening show), and it was touching :touched:

    The whole show was great, and i'm was soo happy to see her on stage again, and duets with Simon Isogai :gemhyper:.

    During the second game, my seat number actually was chosen (i didn't know, but person next to me told me), but since i can't speak japanese or korean, I turn down the opportunity and ask the staff to skip my number :lol:. Seeing her singing and dancing live on stage and walk in front of me is enough for me :wow1:


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  8. Thank you for your information Red, i really want to go to that FM

    2 hours ago, red4summer said:

    I don't use Instagram but I know there is this feature called "like".

    It is just like her Weibo (which I follow), her followers are relatively high and love to leave comments whenever possible!

    Yes, and sunbaenim who follow her ig (like joon park, navi, dindin) sometimes give :thumbup1:  and leave comment too :D

  9. 49 minutes ago, red4summer said:

    Bitter disappointed with how things go since Kara disbanded but on the other hand, I should show more appreciation with how Youngji has progressed since Kara Project. She was training and moving around, and eventually she landed in DSP, a company that debuted her and made her dream came true. I owe DSP for many many beautiful memories and 0G story is one. Hence I always show my gratitude to DSP, in all ways possible but it is usually not understood by fans but I am not really bothered. I still hope for 0G opportunities from DSP, so for me, Valentine Fanmeeting in Japan, it is another great 0G event to look forward. :thumbup1:



    if anybody here know how to buy Youngji Valentine Fan Meeting for international fans, please let me know :)