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  1. Spazz

    Park Gyuri's Instagram Update 21.02.2017 Prepares stocks of kimchi with the mother :-)
  2. Spazz

    [WEIBO] 170225: Enjoy the remainder of your weeekend! Seungyeon
  3. Spazz

    VDL New Celebrity: Seungyeon
  4. Spazz

    170224 Han Seungyeon's Twitter Update ♥ lentina Instagram, together with Seungyeon. It is likely all from VDL shootings.
  5. Spazz

    'Strong girls' cast Jinwoon, Giant Pink & Youngji filming in mungyeong (trout farm) "Beauty Academy" Recording. Together with YoungJi. Youngji & Cha Yeryun with make-up artist, Baek Ki Woong for Beauty Academy.
  6. Spazz

    YoungJi became guests of the fourth season of "I Can See Your Voice", broadcast of EP.1 will be 170302
  7. Spazz

    Today's broadcast of YoungJi in the Periscope: https://www.periscope.tv/. I have taken the picture from a live broadcast in Instagram :-)
  8. [Photoshoot Paris] [Cosmopolitan Korea] [Hara]
  9. Spazz

    YoungJi on Julien Kang(French-Korean actor) instagram for C Time "Beauty Academy". Julien Kang will take part in the third episode of "Beauty Academy", as the guest. YoungJi funny turned out on this photo :-) 170224 Facebook Photos - Beauty Academy Recording. Together with YoungJi. YoungJi on the next shootings of the show "Strong Girls".
  10. Spazz

    Yesterday YoungJi had a broadcasting in instagram, a photo:
  11. Spazz

    23.02.2017 YoungJi instagram update: Comic rehearsal together with Simon Isogai, before the fan meeting.
  12. Spazz

    Photo from article hot-korea.net:
  13. Spazz

    Article in hot-korea.net about the fan meeting of YoungJi. In Japanese. Briefly: in article the fan meeting is described and that on him was. There were various games and competitions for admirers. YoungJi has sung in total eight songs (from them 7 songs Kara). Her duet with the Japanese musician of Simon Isogai is separately mentioned. It appears, cooperation of YoungJi and Isogai has been conceived even in the summer, on previous the fan meeting. Together they sang songs "Orion" and "Bye Bye Happy Days!". Besides, Isogai has promised to write the new song, especially for YoungJi. I will remind, Simon Isogai - the composer and the author of songs of Kara: "Orion", "Bye Bye Happy Days!", "Winter Magic", "Ima, Okuritai 'Arigatu'" "Sunshine Miracle" YoungJi sang encore and as has understood only at this moment to admirers it was allowed to take freely a photo and video. Therefore we most likely won't see other videos with the fan meeting. YoungJi and Simon Isogai.
  14. Spazz

    YoungJi rap compilation "Cupid" song. Though YoungJi not the rapper, turned out at her not bad. Such, exciting and sexual loud whisper :-) I already saw this video earlier, just it has again appeared at my recommendations on youtube. Has solved will share. And thanks to that person who has done work on compilation of all rap parties YoungJi of the song "Cupid".