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  1. RT @daheeverse: #Family director abt the chemistry of #JangNara & #JangHyuk: 'Even w/o talking, they communicated just by looking w/ each…

  2. RT @harahour: hi !! this is a new hourly acc for our honey goo hara ! #구하라 i'll be posting pics, loops, edits etc. please like / rt to reac…

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  4. RT @kdramacasting: tvN drama <#Family> main poster, broadcast on April 17. #JangHyuk #JangNara #ChaeJungAn

  5. RT @PopBase: Shakira and Bizarrap perform their Session 53 on Jimmy Fallon.

  6. RT @KAMILIA_JAPAN_: 🧡GOODS紹介🧡 ❁トートバッグ ❁ピンズ ファンミ参戦には必須❣のトートバッグと、かわいいピンズの組み合わせをご紹介🦄💗 ピンズはKAMILIAならどれがどのメンバーか、すぐ分かりますよね!?🎁 全種コンプすると可愛いんですよ🔥…

  7. RT @jappppy_: I want them all 🥹

  8. RT @cJ5WrHG3AQiqudB: MOVE AGAIN 来日記念限定盤 フラゲ日ということで渋谷へ行ってみました。 ・タワレコは陳列がないけど奥にあるのかしら🤔 ・HMVはパネル展も😍 ・TSUTAYAもずっとこのまま🥰

  9. RT @namyudolls: IN SWEETUNE WE TRUST‼️

  10. RT @its5HINee: MC Minho greeting KARA Nicole with a hug after It's been a long time since they met and both looked so happy I’m gonna cry!…

  11. RT @naked_Hangy: 리허설 한승연 .. 잘생겨서어지럽다 고정안된머리.. 청바지(중요함).. 센빠이미소

  12. RT @karaclock: (ENG Trans) JiYoungJi's Cosmopolitan Interview #카라 #강지영 #허영지 #지영지 note: will post the other parts later <3…

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