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  1. RT @thesecret: Your happiness is your main job.

  2. RT @Positive_Call: If you often procrastinate, read this: - Thread -

  3. RT @billboardcharts: This week's top-selling albums: 1. @U2 Songs of Surrender 2. @JYPETWICE Ready To Be 3. @taylorswift13 Midnights 4. @M…

  4. RT @Art0fLife_: one day.

  5. RT @soompi: #TWICE To Perform Upcoming Title Track "SET ME FREE" For The 1st Time On "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" #TWICEonFallo…

  6. RT @TheFigen_: Every living thing is happy when it is loved! ❤️

  7. RT @JudyMurray: This is fabulous. Thanks for sharing @drivevolleys 👇🏼

  8. @andy_murray Always support you 💚

  9. RT @JYPETWICE: 2023년 기념 #토끼와이스🐰 #BunnyTwice for 2023🐰 우리 2023년에도 오늘처럼 즐겁고 행복한 날들 함께 보내요! Let's spend 2023 full of happiness made together!…

  10. RT @positiveKristen: ❤️if it resonates

  11. RT @MnetMAMA: [#2022MAMA_Moment] Photo Time #kara #카라 Welcome to joinging on new beginning of #2022MAMAAWARDS!👏 They are shining as always…

  12. RT @KARAOFFICIAL329: KARA 15th Anniversary Album 「 MOVE AGAIN 」 MOVING POSTER - NICOLE 🔗 2022.11.29 6PM RELEASE #…

  13. RT @MnetMAMA: [#2022MAMA] COLLABORATION SPOILER 2022 MAMA AWARDS Special Performance Spoiler! The Collaboration between #jungjaeil X #tige…

  14. RT @JackPhan: I'm voting for TWICE (@JYPETWICE) for Favorite K-Pop Artist at the #AMAs and so should you!

  15. RT @archiveforhanni: 1 rt = 1 vote also reply with hashtags “#MAMAVOTE #newjeans”