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  1. RT @ArianaGrande: love u more than you’ll eva know

  2. RT @MsCharlotteWWE: WE ALL FOUGHT. Credit: @ShirleighShirlz #Evolution https://t.co/fQnYwdry7p

  3. RT @WWE: The saying might go, "never say never when it comes to @WWE," but, today, we're saying NEVER! https://t.co/xXK7Ii8DgS

  4. RT @WWE: Mella. Is. Money. 💰 #SDLive @CarmellaWWE https://t.co/GptkWBrkzv

  5. Nick Robinson to be on Stranger things 3!! JK JK april fools...

  6. @1theK @JYPETWICE #TWICE #MOMO <3 Where would you like to travel someday:D

  7. RT @OhBrokenMsgs: When you lost my trust. You also lost me.

  8. RT @totaldivaseps: https://t.co/ml3rsB6KOx

  9. RT @LittleMix: parka season. Jade x https://t.co/xy5eXox6eU

  10. happy new year ma dudes :D #2018

  11. RT @billboard: .@LittleMix gives us friendship goals in "Nothing Else Matters" video. https://t.co/6b1ususJ9J https://t.co/Zx2jLfJ0XA

  12. RT @WWE: THIS SUNDAY: Just look at this. #SurvivorSeries https://t.co/3KbE1LNEPr

  13. RT @FTWDFans: R.I.P. Eric 😰 Retweet to commemorate him! #TWD #TheWalkingDead https://t.co/NdNiNWGgrA

  14. can't wait for Halloween i'm dressing up as georgie and sailor mars https://t.co/m8z1442pVC