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  1. It is awful, to do such quantity of a photo without spoiler((
  2. 5 Variety Show Love Lines That Left Us Wanting More Soompi article: Wang Jackson and Hur Young Ji The two youngest members of “Roommate Season 2” got off to a bad start that didn’t really get better. They bickered and called each other up on every little thing so much so it almost seemed like they were siblings. One might find it hard to imagine them in a romantic relationship but the other members weren’t so convinced, suggesting the two get married as a means to diffuse new disagreements. Eventually the pair shared several sweet moments together that had fans hoping for a relationship off screen. They remembered each other’s birthdays, supported one another in their various dreams, and even cried on behalf of the other when things became emotional. For example, when Jackson’s parents came for a surprise visit, Young Ji seemed genuinely moved by her friend’s tears. The pair also appeared on an episode of “Weekly Idol” while promoting their sub-units for variety music show “Hit Maker,” and both failed a lie detector test when they tried to deny having feelings for each other. It’s just a bit of fun but perhaps these two will appear somewhere together again for more of the chemistry fans seemed to love.
  3. The dear baby of Youngji, it shouldn't torment itself with diets! We love her such what she is
  4. Today last day of summer. I want that the summer remains) Summer Magic!!!
  5. Happy birthday to the most precious, cutest, kindest, that always work so hard, my sunshine Youngji