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  1. Nail Shop Paris was her last one right(?) the supernatural theme was not my thing. I stopped at the Seungyub episode lol anyways DSP is on a roll with web dramas... Jaekyung, Youngji and now Gyuri... Congrats!! I hope someone will sub so I can watch!
  2. Its never to late to do a throwback Kara! Though I wish Kara gets the credit they deserve sometimes out of WonSaKa.. Though I think KARA might go down the Fin.K.l route and have reunion concerts... though def should make new music in the future too
  3. I wonder if KARA improved in Archery XDDD I still remember Nicole and Hara LOL Maybe they are taking pics of Kamilias/Rainnous?
  4. I would get this for the Interview with A-JAX Rainbow and April... & hope there are pictures too lol. Though I know this will all be in Japanese > < lol
  5. Looking forward in her acting the most! DSP really landing everyone acting roles to KARAINBOW lately haha
  6. This Heechul guy was just with Hara now with Nicole! LOL #Lucky dam this made me hungry lol thanks for sharing!
  7. I remember her saying in Off & On "Its better to have comments than no comments at all" lol Glad she strong and that words dont bother her, anyways she not thee best but hopefully we see her improve : )
  8. Please Koo Hara keep doing what youre doing- there is always trail and error so no matter what Hara we with you haha Thanks for sharing the article
  9. Hara nailed that squat perfectly lol thanks for sharing ya
  10. Awesome new content guys! Gotta reply and gonna read the magazine right away
  11. This look is better than the Purple hair. Love blonde cole and this is no different thanks for sharing
  12. Giant baby gorwn up omo look at that shade of lipstick give me a kiss ya XD Looking forward to see Jiyoung grace over that magazine yarg
  13. Yeah im just happy Hara can make a proper solo. An all kill or number #1 isnt all important! Keep doing youre thing Hara and thanks for the subs
  14. welcome to the forum Ilovekangjiyoung!

  15. Todays is Nicoles Home Coming Meeting in Japan! I love how home coming is like from the USA, but there will be no sports to celebrate only NICOLE XD Anways her is a clip for her greeting you!
  16. Thank the light! Forever lopping so youre ever feeling sad look at this!!
  17. And the first thing she did on the show was ask the guys to do ayego for her LOL best guess ever you go Seungyeon
  18. Interview Seungyeon Ask the men to do Aeygo Once You Accept me