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  1. RT @ElizaHaRa: oh mai god https://t.co/972W49zIDf

  2. Spazzing Thread for Gyuri's solo activities with Motion Media!
  3. @MrTIMtastic i was trying to troll you hahaha

  4. RT @KARD_Official: K.A.R.D Project Vol.2 "Don`t Recall" Download on @iTunes #KARD #DontRecall https://t.co/oP0EvnsxyS

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  6. Spazz

    thanks for sharing ^^
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  8. RT @seungyeonpics_: stun·ning • /ˈstəniNG/ • adj • extremely impressive or attractive. https://t.co/TB0sMxFCVS

  9. Took way too long, but I finally ordered Seungyeon's new albums through Tenso on Tower Records.. it was a long process and i was really busy.. but i can't wait to receive them
  10. RT @seungyeonpics_: https://t.co/BeMKmGgp3G

  11. just saw Jiyoung on ISAC 2017 as they were showing old clips.. my heart

  12. RT @lenon150: Oh NaNa (April ver.) #April #에이프릴 #채경 #채원 #나은 #예나 #레이첼 #진솔 https://t.co/w7XgEv0zcZ https://t.co/Cn1I6tnTLc

  13. RT @ElizaHaRa: cos she the cutest 😘💘 https://t.co/Yj6dYQelRi

  14. The feels.. JEON SOMIN(전소민) - Saving All My Love For You (Cover Video) https://t.co/9FOfttBTNp #KARD #April #Puretty

  15. RT @soompi: RT to win a signed #KARD polaroid! Be sure to also check out our exclusive interview here: https://t.co/twav3S1ZGN https://t.co…