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  1. ya im your DONGSAENG >.<...ive been busy lately...i only need gyuri's pic..if you can find something that u like or i might like..just send it to me, im gonna search more too...:D

  2. lol everytime..i see your sig i still feel this asking koi to make me one XP

  3. hello!! koi... your so good AT making this pics...can you make me one too? i want to use it as my sig ill just post the pics at the blogspot if your on...PLZZZ :D

  4. seriouslyyyy... waaayyyy better..i mean *whisper* not a single one of missA's member are!!!

  5. seriously i was just looking at some hyukri vids and i was like "when did we get this much hyukri fans?" so happy :D..lately i been hoping for gyuri out of tapa in to sukira again!! aaaahhhhhh.... i don't know wat will happen now cause kara will be in japan for we don't know how long and then there's miss a probably regular on sukira now....:C waaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. sorry i don't know...ask meemee maybe she knows some :D and have you been to its hyukri's official web...i guess lol

  7. NO fair!! your sig is gorgeous!!!! can u make me one plZZZZZZZ

  8. i'ts looking forward to the prequel though i have the feeling that its gonna be sad XD

  9. I love your sig and that that sliding pic of yours!!!!!!!!

  10. love your pro. pic! nice editing :)

  11. i just got home from camping i watch jul 10 performance of suju and yes looks like hyukeis sick or something..but he looks fine on the next i really really 100x miss hyukri!

  12. ohhh..I saw it, when he touch her hair??...awww i dont know anymore.. eunhyuk your so chick...boy!!!

  13. can u send me the link of hyuk and IU? plz....... told you hyuk has a lil crush on her promise...hhahah

  14. buzy Studing?? your such a good student..just saying hi..havent seen you a while!

  15. omg meemee ur sig. is beautiful..LOL

  16. yes yes i know! eunhyuk has a nice voice! kara's performance and outfit was jjang probably the best out of all!! and chitty chitty bang bang per.. lol can't help but feel sorry for the other girls cause jiyoung esp. and nicole todally nailed bad theirs no hyukri interaction! :C

  17. AWSOME AWSOME AWSOME!!! can't wait! cross your finger for hyukri interaction!!

  18. I feel like crying again! lol

  19. aww that sucks but you did a good job!!

  20. WATS UP!!! KH is back ..awww how i miss my spazzing thread! LOL

  21. i haven't been here for a while! LOL..poor eunhyuk that was mean..i mean others just had water bottle..but hyuk!! a BUCKET!! lol

  22. check it out it's a new boyband called "infinite" i think some of em are cute..but like at the end the style was like suju's and i couldn't help but compare them and well they are shorter but obviously younger, wat's the point of this post?? LOL..nothing im just bored LOL
  23. can help but find it really cute! :C if you ant more start at part to @7:30 something..hey maybe gyuri could use so mean but ya know wat i mean!!
  24. YES TIME WILL TELL!...and i know he did get kind of jelouse when its his members.. but i wanted it to be like strong heart though it was not jealous but it was awsome!! ahhahaha

  25. I know he is!! but who can resist him???!! lol i just deleted ur comment it makes me >:( hahahahha...gyuri should have another couple you know like hyuk has hyeon.... i just want to see hyuk jelouse!! ...but of course HYUKRI ALL THE WAY..