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    Looking for Hyukri<br />Hyuri all the way<br />

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  1. Sorry for not replying in a while =) I am fine! How are you?

  2. cool, i'll read it.

    with all these younger rookies, i do feel old too >.<

  3. I did write a story. but it ended up...

    anyway yes I'm your unnie *sigh

    why do I feel so old

  4. ya you are my unnie ;) you could write a story..hehe thats what a friend told me when i asked her wat i should do. hahaha...anyways who's excited for kara's comback??? i hope suju's still promoting by then kekekeke

  5. Woah... you r so lucky. I'm having my long holiday now but I dunno what to do. I'm just doing nothing in my home. I'm having my third semester. You r my dongsaeng then.

  6. vacation and stuff..lol, just arrived from mississipi last night...killer college haha definetly, im starting my second semester this fall and dont know wat to major in yet (lame~ hehe) trying not to stress about it too much :) how bout you? what have you been up to lately?

  7. Yeah... we r just too busz to go to KH. College is an ultimate timd killer. Seriously. What bout u??? Awwwww. Thankz a lot dear :DDD

  8. OMG~ ya itssss been a real real long time! :D wer you've been? i couldn't go on KH too busy summer for me..kekeke! ahhh omo! i know its soo late but belated happy birthday~

  9. thanks dear ^^


    u r 13 yo

    Im older than u then

    a lot

  10. how r u dear

    it's been a long time rait

  11. i like the angsty fic


    btw how r u dear?

    it's been a long time rait

  12. Happy Birthday!!

    Have a nice day~♥

  13. Here's the angst that you requested a long time ago. It's not Hyukri though (they are mentioned, but they are not the main coupling). Hope you can still enjoy!

  14. aaaaah sorry for noticing your comment just now since I'm not that active in here! (; But oh Hey , nice to know you Hyukri buddy (; Just call me Citra , Nina ! (; I'm so in love with Hyukri <33

  15. heya! haven't hear from you for a while!