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  1. lol..don't worry im as calm as a stone..cause i read in some article that shindong was gonna pause as an mc on sst because of his promotion.. anyways so his resigning on the other radio but his staying on sst??....don't give me a panick report that suju's cancelling their guessing on sst this thurs.. cause im sooo gonna be beyong panick mood..LOL

  2. wait wait suju didn't pre-record last week??

  3. KBS banned were with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ??

  5. agree with you make or break!!!...omg im so excited and nervous at the same time lolz..and i bet EFL's also gonna sub YES for us!.lol

  6. where can i watch SST in youtube...cause i want to watch the ep. on wed..:D..did you see the pic of suju when they guess on makes me so happy to see them all together again.. althought kangin, hangkyun and kibum wasn't therree...:D

  7. thats so meaa!!...but then that would be unfair to the others and scandalous..u know, like his gonna right them but no snsd, shinee, etc.....i guess they were just playing around...but it kinda hurt, for us hyukri fans...:C


  9. on the news:Super Junior’s happy virus Shindong recently confessed his love to his non celebrity girlfriend through the thanks to section in their new album.



    this song is so sad...old cute times of suju..but its okay cause i like the new FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINEEEE>>SUJU

  11. wait *touch my nose* omg blood!! kinda not in myself right now!!.lol

  12. OMGG OMGG i found it>I cant breath right now!! going to call the police eunhyuk is killing me!!

    OMG..his so FINELYHOTINSEXY!!!...omg i sound like a perv!! where are you im gona send you the link!!lol

  13. AAHHH..i can't see the link!!!..gimme agian........omg your sig!!! KYAAAAAA...LOVE LOVE EUNHYUK!!>>SO HOTHOTHOTHOT...omg lol i kept lloking at i i think i'll hang oout here in your pro..for a while!

  14. right right.. and i think kara, fans are like the smartest and wisest fans ever...point for

  15. no wait ...not gyuri to gyuri...YOONA....lolz

  16. honestly..i don't like snsd too..i just can't like them even though i wanted to..*sigh*..and i think gyuri is prettier than gyuri

  17. im collecting hyukri


  18. can't wait for their comeback in musicbank!!!! woooohoooo...when when when will they be guess in shimshimtapa!!!!!

  19. sorry i can no longer talk to you cause...i just died!!!....OMG..they are beyond hot my cloths is soked with blood!!!! when did you become soooooo HOT HOT HOT!!!......they have 2 mv's right??

  20. check out my artwork..go to my gonna make a hyukri artwork soon..hehehehe..the one where they are leaning to each other mwahahahah...

  21. my heart is acting and im in tears..waaaa...MISS THEM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!... there's something in their smiles and the way they talk to each other..idk but its different on how they talk to others.its like their own, only them knows...SUJU guess on shimshimtapa already!!!!!!......HYUKRI FANS BE PATIENCE!!..hahahha (talking t

  22. SOOOOOOOOO LURV IT...goood JOB!!!...thank you! made me fell in love with them stronger than the last few weeks ...i love some of your unseen pics and vids.. omg u really did work extra100x hard!! proud of you..keep it up!!^^^^^^^..gotta watch it again!

  23. right right right!! hyukri crazy fandom is fast slowing don't know now...

  24. hi..ano poyon??? lol jk

  25. now that i think about it..i actually kinda like it cause it reminds me of their mv DON"T i love that mv they looks soo cool...AND H-O-T...:D