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Status Updates posted by tryingout

  1. lurv your "about me" pic!!!...she's so pretty there!! :D

  2. LOL..we are crazy..anyways july-aug??thats too long :C...i don't know what to do if there won't be any interaction this coming months >:C...LOL

  3. ps.. im exited for this month (MAY) lil advance there, anyways.... ya im excited im expecting some juicy hyuri interaction..juicy kinda feels about..intense interactoiin?? lol...CRAZY HYUKRI FAN!!

  4. good to hear from ya..same here bored with out sukira...I notice too that gyuri kinda sometimes just stare at something it's like she has her own world ..(makes me worried :C..maybe it's her sleeping prob.. hope shes oks :D

  5. wadup? long time no chat?? buzzy?? to..anywyas just droping do u like to read books??

  6. OGM im so angry right now!!!! youtube just deleted hyukri's part 3 video which has the the best gyuri+eunhyuk interaction!!! freaking piised of!!!

  7. just saw your post..ur filipino?? cool so am I!!...was born in visayas bacolod in AZ.US...:D

  8. wats up??

  9. ya theres a rumor about it...try searching eunhyuk and iu...........

  10. you are now my favorite mangaka!!..kara bakery is awsome keep up the good work :D

  11. i know the more i watch some of her vid and pic the more i kinda drawn to her (uh-oh), cause i consider her as gyuri's rival.....but i guess i shouldn't worry about her..shes

  12. about the sukira vids....whoes has it?? account name plzz :D

  13. OMG..look at this one!! thought they mess up with the Hykri

  14. *sigh* i think eunhyuk still like UI huh?....*sigh*

  15. :C shindong won't be able to partner gyuri in shim pa pa:C cause he needs to 100 P focus on their comback...guess i'll just wait for suju's comeback for exciting news then..dont know what kind of news exactly :D

  16. ..i also think that gyuri and kangin are close, well not really close but you know friends

  17. seriously!! i think in gonna puke at t-ara and snsd's face!! their like everywhere!.....but i gotta relax first cause sooner or later i know (hope) kara will bereverywhere too...SOON!!

  18. and OMG i just realized it now..your sig! they both did the sshh action!! awsome!!!

  19. OMG..just to share it w/ u..

    start at 5:23...gyuri, especially eunhyuk seems comfortable leaning on gyuri!!...omg it makes me miss them so heart aches...;C

  20. i know, how sad is that? complicated..*sigh* i love them so much...XD

  21. i saw that fanfic!!!..omg kinda sad but so romantic!!!

  22. can't just get over with sig...its to CUTE!!! WAT SHOULD I DO IT MAKES ME MISS THEM MORE!!.but oh well

  23. no its real but i think its ok now...its because i was using another account cause my parents put a password on the com so i had to use the other account which virus can go thought...anyways i won't be using it anymore so guess im save....:C

  24. where can i read it??..can u give me the link?? plz