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  1. This was taken in Portobello Road, London. Known for its second-hand clothes and antiques shops.
  2. happy birthday raden.. hope you have a great year and adapt well there :)

    1. radenoactive


      Thanks yuda! I'm fine here! :D

  3. Well, if that's his purposes, it did well on pissing of others haha[ By the way, it seems that k.kamilia is still not happy with JunHara relationship. I posted the fanarts on my twitter but then I received a lot of request from them to remove it. Oh well
  4. It seems Suengyeon is having a new car? http://blog.naver.com/chiptuning?Redirect=Log&logNo=100177167469 It's Roll Royce Mini Goodwood, the limited version of Mini.
  5. Just to re-share this beautiful video again. In other note, KARA is now listed as one of the top 20 best selling Girl Groups all over the world? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_girl_groups
  6. Even after the 30% profit is deducted, there is still 2.8 billion Won clean profit, which is considerably an awesome amount to show the success of Tokyo Dome. So proud of the achievements ^^
  7. It's a new year, a new hope,a new future. Let's strive the best

  8. I'd love to see Gaon's number more, but based on the hanteo number, the sales look promising.
  9. Better late than never right? ^^ thanks radenn!! :D

  10. nerisssss!!! I'm late!! ;A; but happy belated birthday!!!

  11. Based on the teaser today, it looks like the teaser video will be released in 12.00 noon KST in Naver, and anytime later in DSP official youtube.
  12. ^ 3 out of the 4 songs are produced by Sweetune? That'll be a pure awesomeness!!
  13. Don't ever try to RUIN this beautiful family!