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  1. It's good to be back home=)

  2. I'm glad they're getting attention in their home land too... I hope it gets better...
  3. WOHOOOO!!!! Excited for this!!!! The solo song are a must sees!!!!
  4. The 50-year old couple is so sweet...It's so heart warming... and also jiyoung is so cute for wanting to sleep more~~
  5. Good thing everything's alright!~~~ Kara had a lot of burden now...it's good thing those burdens toned down a bit...
  6. I hope she gets well soon.... we would be happy to see her perform, but we will be happier if shes's in perfect condition~~
  7. Gyuri doesn't really need plastic surgery, she's beautiful in all ways...It makes me wonder who was that entertainment agency...poor agency, nobody is natural there... and for nicole, I think it's ok even if she don't talk a lot in variety shows...she good at singing and dancing anyway...
  8. WOAHH!! Seems like our jiyoung is really popular there in Japan!!! Well she did deserve everything she got~~~
  9. The Accurseds and The Fallen's 6th is out. Please enjoy, thank you :)

  10. If mister is in the karaoke list in my country, I'll definitely sing it!! It' fun and catchy, no doubt people would like to sing it..
  11. Singaporeans are so lucky.... I wish I could see them too...and I want to but the perfume too.. but money is really an enemy..
  12. I really want to attend a Karasia concert.. I want to hear and see them live~~ I think it would be really great, just like what J and K kamilias experienced...
  13. WAHHH....They really deserve the things they're receiving right now. They experience a lot of problems on their way to success...they deserve everything...
  14. J-Kamilias are really nice...They'll do everything just to support Kara... They really make Kara happy...
  15. Hello there~