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  1. yay! ican't wait for this~ i'll be the first person to watch it +_+ i hope gyuri becomes an amazing actress ^o^
  2. i love this unit. man i wish they will release an official collab album and become an official unit. <3 and win awards together and everything XD
  3. the lyrics is so nice. The music is so awesome too. this song is so feel good~~ aaaaah i waant moreee
  4. gyuri is my number 1 <3 hehe i'm happy she guested on this show~ I was hoping someone from kara would appear on this show ^^
  5. i miss shindong on shimshimtapa he was really witty and brought radio interviews to life lol the random dances in the middle was fun tho~ kara are so polite and helps the new dj so much XD
  6. i love listening to mr.jkpop reactions bc they make me appreciate the song more =) here is kpopsteven xD
  7. up by wazerwith must watch for hara and seungyeon embarrassing themselves hahaha so cuuute
  8. this was just divine~~ such a cuuute song! did.. gyuri have a solo portion? i miss her voice ~
  9. oh my god jiyoung is in vs arashi that's so huge!
  10. i forgot the show.. but i loved it when she said shimeshime dekakechau? and exile members were like kawaiiiiiiiiii and started hitting their legs to bring it back to life haha
  11. ooo jiyoung is working so hard! I hope her the best success!!! fighting jiyoung!!!
  12. nicole is so pretty!! awww i love her~ I kind of want to dye my hair pink too >o<