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  1. New profile picture The teaser Caps of Cole And finally, the PV Credit: rainnous1, himeaimomo5@youtube, ournikori.blogspot.com & tumblr
  2. Thanks everyone for sharing. Cole looks so gorgerous in Hot Game MV Cole shared her difficulties on KBS Do Dream
  3. SBS Inkigayo official pics Fanmeeting Pics from DSP Kakao Talk And Nicole & Gyuri on Tuesday's Surprise preview Credit: SBS & DSP & @s_kidkid & ournikori@blogspot
  4. Thanks everyone for sharing KARASIA pics are so beautiful COLORFUL Vol 3 Scans Credit: 雅明 永井 & ournikori@blogspot
  5. Social

    May 31, 2012 갓다 갓다 .내 탓이다 .. 아속 답답해 .. Gone, gone. It's my fault.. Ah, my heart hurts. Credit: cherrims @ twitter
  6. Nicole at Dream Concert With Hara Credit: tumblr & ournikori.blogspot.com
  7. Our Cole got No. 15 in the Chart. Well, she transforms from a adorable girl to a sexy lady - a result of her workout. credit: allkpop
  8. Thanks everyone for sharing. That frog costume was so cute on Cole New KAPPA pictures Credit: ournikori.blogspot.com
  9. Thanks everyone for sharing. I love the Key-Cole gif. So cute And pics from KARA perfume BTS. Cole looks beautiful here Credit: kara5jewel & tumblr
  10. News article about Cole's childhood photo
  11. Cole's fancam at Okinawa airport on March 05. Her hair is really purple Credit: boojiyoung@youtube
  12. Thanks everyone for sharing. Poor Cole, she has to use crutches to walk. But 2 weeks will pass soon More beautiful pics of Cole KARASIA: Credit: as tag
  13. Wow Nicole's Beat it was perfect I love it. Her moonwalk was also awesome I hope she's okay after twisting her ankle And another fancam of the encore. Cole looks so playful and lost at some point And Mr fancam with Cole's high note Credit: sol1152
  14. The Je 'taime Photo Book is awesome So many beautiful shots Seems like Cole learnt to make maracon there Cole's chibi Credit: tumblr
  15. Thank everyone for sharing Cole at Inkigayo and Kappa is so pretty And some caps at Mnet Wide News (I love her style here) Credit: everkara & ournikori.blogspot.com
  16. Thanks everyone for sharing. Cole really looks great in Kappa ads More pics (lol at she had to stand on her toes ) Credit: kappa fb
  17. Lovely wizard Cole at Inkigayo Credit: colejjang@tumblr
  18. I'm glad that Cole got more Japanese fans (even more than Jing now) MIXI Ranking ....6/1 KARA 100676 Hara 35307 Nicole 23328 Jiyoung 23225 Seungyeon 21570 Gyuri 10002 Credit: baidukara
  19. Nov, thanks for sharing. Her innocent and bright smile is really contrast with the strong move and sexy body From Seoul Music Award From Asia Model Award And this is so adorable HaNi Credit: as on pics
  20. According to this thread on 6Theory, Nicole's song is rumored to be produced by Shinsadong Tiger (Fiction, Roly Poly, Trouble Maker...) Wow if that's true, I'm really anticipated it Will it be another Trouble Maker
  21. mae, thanks for sharing the news. I am so happy to hear this. Can't wait for Cole's solo I hope it would be a strong image And wonder who will be her partner
  22. mae, jjy, nov, tine, thanks for sharing the pictures and videos. I love her enthusiasm even if she just appeared for a few seconds. Lol at Cole's adorable action (seeing how crowded the audience is) And disguised as flyer girl, it was so smart Pic of Cole at the Golden Disc Award, so pretty Credit: as on pic
  23. Mae, thanks for sharing the info. I'm so glad that Japanese fans can see the potential in Cole And Cole even ranks higher than some AKB48 members, that means Japanese fans really knows about her way to shine!!! Tine, thanks for the pictures. Cole's new style is really adorable and pretty reminds me of Jumping style Some more pics And old picture Credit: colejjang@tumblr