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  1. Whatever the outcome, KARA+Kamilia=ONE

  2. Yep, she debuted in Japan last year with her first single, "Something Special" I can't wait to hear what Nicole has been preparing, its's been soooooo long!
  3. ~Choco Chip Cookie~ In other news: HaNi feels~

  4. ~Something special, now!~

  5. Hara has been imporving a lot in the singing part, so I'm confident that she can make a solo debut. Also, she can dance and rap, so she will definitely pull it off flawlessly! However, this kinda hurts my Kamilia heart, because this is exacty why Nicole left DSP, she wanted to make a solo debut... I feel like this is a pretty low blow from DSP's part. Specially considering that they haven't debuted "April" and give "Rainbow" or "A-JAX" a decent comeback... But, whatever, let's just focus on the part that will be seeing our Hara sooner! YASSS!
  6. KARA's adorkable moments give me life...

  7. OH.MY.GYURI! That gif gives me life! thanks for sharing it! Oh by the way, have you seen Rainbow's Jisook spazzing with us about KARA's comeback? DSPfamily moments! (i'll leave the link in KARAINBOW tread)
  8. Can we please talk about "Starlight" performance at Music Show Champion? The freestyle dances were hilarious! [post=][/post]
  9. Kamilia + Bicycle + Colling = Me~

  10. so... does anyone know if her album's tracks are going to be translated? I'm just saying because I'm curious about the other songs as well... But anyway, let's show Nicole some love!
  11. I guess that...Once you are part of KARA and Kamilia you are always part of this. keke~ Let's wait for her comeback and for KARA's comeback too!
  12. I don't care about what others say, I belive in KARA, and I will support them! KARA4 + KARA5 + KARA3 = KARA6!

  13. Although I felt my heart ache I think expecting an official apology is a bit too much. The guy didn't know how much his words might hurt Kamilia. yep, that is true! But come on, let's have people say that Kamilia is the most peaceful fandom, even in times of hurt.