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  1. it's really hard to find pictures of Hara wearing fitted shirt. She's always wearing loosed shirt. why do u think Hara prefers loosed shirt than fitted? loosed shirt all those pictures of her wearing fitted shirts are from live performance. Even on photoshoots, she doesn't wear fitted shirt
  2. has anyone noticed that Hara always hanging out her tongue? there's a lot of pictures of her i have seen already, but it's hard to find those pictures.
  3. aww..

    I'm in sick XP

    Our hara so lovely XP <3

  4. ooh so you just like that name ??

    me ?? working..sleeping..studying..& working once again

  5. Yep, I am! keke, I know! It's great! I am slowly (but surely) turning my friends into Kamillas!

  6. i'm fine, thanks! what about u?

  7. i am fine btw.... what about u?

  8. no it's not my real name =)

  9. really u're British? glad to know that not only asians love kpop an KARA!! =D

  10. Hey molly :))

    What'z up ^^

    Long time no see XD

  11. i totally agree :) ... only guys with decent looks can be paired up with her ... anyway how have you been ??

    and by the way awesome display name ... is that your true name ?? :)

  12. oh, definitely! cuz hara is so pretty, but it only suits her if the guy is good looking =P

  13. does it bother her? she has many stalkers at her University....i hope she can still enjoys her college and it looks like she has many friends
  14. as in time zones, 9 hrs :) how are you?

  15. haha he's the one with the mustache right??then i saw a video one time...and he's saying that he is hiding his cute baby face with that mustache lol ;D anyway i also think that Donghae suites Hara...specially in King of Idols :D alot of guys can be paired up with our honey what do you think??