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  1. it's really hard to find pictures of Hara wearing fitted shirt. She's always wearing loosed shirt. why do u think Hara prefers loosed shirt than fitted? loosed shirt all those pictures of her wearing fitted shirts are from live performance. Even on photoshoots, she doesn't wear fitted shirt
  2. has anyone noticed that Hara always hanging out her tongue? there's a lot of pictures of her i have seen already, but it's hard to find those pictures.
  3. i'm fine, thanks! what about u?

  4. i am fine btw.... what about u?

  5. no it's not my real name =)

  6. really u're British? glad to know that not only asians love kpop an KARA!! =D

  7. oh, definitely! cuz hara is so pretty, but it only suits her if the guy is good looking =P

  8. does it bother her? she has many stalkers at her University....i hope she can still enjoys her college and it looks like she has many friends
  9. cuz ur profile says somewhere behind

    no, it's ok =)

  10. in MBlaq i like G.O.....he is so cute!! but i don't have a biased to any

    i like donghae to couple with our honey, Hara =D

  11. yeah i also thought she (and SY) are the youngest!! she's 21 already (korean age, 20 international) but she looks like 16!!! i love her hair cuz it is so shiny and silky

  12. she has 2 brothers...i posted the pic of the other one, that is her little brother...she has 2..idk if the other kid beside her brother is a boy or a girl...if u heard before that she has brothers(only borthers?), that means Hara is the only girl.....
  13. mine is Hara =D, the prettiest member and the most popular member! i agree with u that Nicole is the best dancer in the group! Nicole is sexy and cute =D

  14. huh? program? there's no program...

    sorry i don't get u live in S.Korea, are u Korean? =)

  15. i am pure kamilia =)

    i only like KARA, i don't like any other girl group lol. for boybands, i like DBSK (old), JYJ and MBlaq...what about u? =)

  16. hello, who's ur fave kara member?

  17. it's from my tumblr =)

  18. Because I'm girl by KISS!! i would really love to hear their version of Because I'm a girl. And also Tonight by DSBK I wanna hear KARA's blending of voices
  19. remember Hara's knee got burned in invincible Youth? it's healed now. look at her knee, that's the same knee that got burned
  20. I thought it was Japanes though "hara" means something....but we're talking about names here Origin and Meaning of the Name Hara Gender: Both Origin: Hebrew Meaning: Princess Origin: Sanskrit Meaning: Seizer Pronunciation:(ha RAW);(HA ra) Form of: Sarah So Hara's family Origin could be in China(of course she's in Asia) or Europe she looks like she is not pure Korean, it's like her family is mixed with Europeans or something (like her great great grandparents)... Hara doesn't look pure Asian to me, When I first saw her, I thought she's half European cuz of her eyes.... on a talk show when KARA guested, there's a question whether Hara is an Alien or not. Gu in Chinese: Gu (also spelled "Ku" and "Koo") can refer to several different Chinese family names. The most common, Gù (Traditional 顧, Simplified: 顾, meaning to care for). Origin Displayed: English Where did the English Koo family come from? What is the English Koo family crest and coat of arms? When did the Koo family first arrive in the United States? Where did the various branches of the family go? What is the Koo family history? The name Koo is of Anglo-Saxon origin. It was name for a jackdaw. Checking further we found the name was derived from the Old English word coo. This was in turn derived from the Old Norse word ka, which was their word for jackdaw. Thus the original bearer of this name must have reminded his contemporaries of a jackdaw and was referred to as "Koo" as a nickname. Koo Early Origins In the Middle Ages, even the literate spelled their names differently as the English language incorporated elements of French, Latin, and other European languages. Many variations of the name Koo have been found, including Coe, Coes, Cowe, Kow, Cawe, Kowe, Coo, Ku, Koo and others. The Great Migration Families began migrating abroad in enormous numbers because of the political and religious discontent in England. Often faced with persecution and starvation in England, the possibilities of the New World attracted many English people. Although the ocean trips took many lives, those who did get to North America were instrumental in building the necessary groundwork for what would become powerful new nations. Among early immigrants of the Koo surname to cross the Atlantic and come to North America were: Robert Coe, who sailed from Ipswich to Watertown on the ship Francis in 1634; Matthew Coe, who emigrated from Bristol to Portsmouth in the year 1640; Alester Cowe, who arrived in Boston, Massachussets in 1652. in England Countries of Origin for the Koo last name Distribution of the Koo surname in UK 1920 Distribution of the Koo surname in U.S. source: some of the source...ern just search it
  21. without make up, Hara looks like a kid at age of 12-14 yrs cute but with make up, she looks 16
  22. actually, Jiyoung admitted evil Jing is at it again, but of course she didn't do it on purpose....but why did she throw it? she must've been afraid LOL Jiyoung is like a kid Nicole is good at cooking so she wouldn't burn a pot, neither Hara though she can't cook, Hara said she can only cook MILK AND CEREAL LMFAO!!! why does Gyuri always interrogates Hara? yeah Hara stole Kim Hyun Joong's coat but that was just for fun cuz she really likes him but that is NOT HER HABIT! love KARA! yeah!
  23. Pretty Hara!! so pretty even without any make up
  24. i think it's seungyeon....she is the most matured member and seemed can lead... cuz the other members were a bit immature lol....especially Jiyoung and Hara, next is Gyuri...U wouldn't be able to talk to her seriously....cuz she has never been serious lol for Nicole, well i saw her teaching the butt dance but i just don't think she can be a teacher lol...she looks so cool Seungyeon looks really smart so i'd say it's SY =P
  25. Nicole and Hara....The members said Hara eats a lot, and also on Taxi we can see how the girls loves food...Nicole and Hara loves to eat This one is caught on cam...Nicole and Hara eating