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  1. graphcis updated! in part2

  2. Hara's really beautiful, and she has a lot of aegyo to show^^

  3. Hello. nice to meet you

  4. Yup, Hara Fans unite! ^__~

  5. Yea absolutely,My Nick explains it ...I really hope they show some interactions soon ..hehe..:P

  6. YEEES, Our doll is sooo pretty <333

    Do you ship Hara and JunHyung? *-*

  7. YES ABSOLUTELY! OTP yawwwwwwww! ~


    Am hoping they'd take a selca together or maybe have an interaction on stage soooon! I'm dying to see their interactions!

  8. i'm a pure kamilia..KH is the only fandom I joined and probably will always be like that since..I feel comfortable here..;)

    they welcome me warmly sooooo I LOVE KH FAM. :]

    what other groups do you like?

    or are you just for KARA?

  9. yeah I understand what you mean and all that about the bashing..but ofcourse i'm also considering the fact that not all of their fans are like that..

    ohh yeah I saw that vid. I also thought it was kinda rude..

    i'm not a sone...i just like their songs..and if i had to choose one mem.i'd choose Sooyoung..

  10. so cute [ur tumblr] keke :D..Do u ship hara w junhyung?

    They're cute xD

  11. u;re welcome ^^..Me too <3..HARA IS No1 :D

    Do u ship junhyung hara?

    I love junhara hehhe

  12. yes.i don't like them coz there attitude..They're so fake and their fans also bashing KAMILIA and 4NIA...And they so RUDE w KARA when they was winning ,SJ,DB...

    Do u still sone :(?

    KARA is the best

  13. Hi Tina (^^,)

    I like them not as much as KARA

    and at first it was really hard for me to like them coz of their fans..they're should I put it..VERY SPIRITED I guess..(they keep bashing other groups which I dislike T.T)

    why?you don't like SNSD?

    I like the thought of WonSoKa

    but nowadays i'm just for KARA

  14. Hello...Thanks for d add ..Anyway Hara indeed is no.1 ..hehe ...Forever My BIAS..!