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  1. there should be a video compilation of "frustrated Nicole" lol she's so cute even if she's annoyed and as a bad Kamilia I am I've never watched the Kara with pets show [just made that title up xD] I've seen the like 3 parts of it but couldnt find the other parts hurrhurr
  2. This is just sooo sososo daebak. They just united 2 nations by their music. Amazing!! Korean Angels Representing Asia is definitely an accurate alternative name
  3. JEALOUS! Lol! just kidding xD Happy for you guys!! wish you all, I mean, I KNOW FOR A FACT that you guys are going to have an awesome time xD I hope I can go too... I'm going home for summer hopefully I'll be able to persuade my parents to go... Kara sharing a stage with JB? lol
  4. you are one super kamilia! I almost cried only by reading your fan account They're so inspiring! Nicole is really an incredible girl huh? I'm so happy for the girls <3 thank you superkarafan for you awesome experience sharing
  5. I ship them so hard you dont even know. lol! Its just their chemistry and looking at them I feel like theres a little bit something going on here dont mind me tho. I can be too imaginative at times xD thanks for sharing~!
  6. I have their glow stick, 2 Karadise, 4 albums, 1 special DVD and recently received which I'm especially most excited about; THIS
  7. I know for a fact that Nicole's Christian and Seung too! Jing[not too sure about Jing] and Gyul from what I've observed in the past 3 years [lol] are Buddhist. I really dont know about Hara tho
  8. heyyy >< Im tryna make friends on here finally XD and you're awesome because your love for SeungYeon

  9. snowing all week long *,* no school for 2 weeks lol <3

  10. I'm so thrilled by this! Especially knowing the composers for each girls!! AAAAAAAAAAH!! Just can't wait for it! Hopefully the girls got songs that showcases their awesome voices so that no one will bash them KARA JJANG!
  11. ^ thats some awesome edited pictures! she actually would rock short hair woldnt she? I think it looks good altho its edited Jing looks hella sexy with short hair so why wont Hara eh? thanks for the pics radenoactive!
  12. MY GOSH hammond is killing me with his bewitchery

  13. YEWSSS HAHAHAH please make that a reality lols i wanna see Hara in the big screen <3 she was pretty good at city hunter so why not the movies eh? oh and appropriate age?? i think she qualifies as a good actor despite her age lol does that mean it will be pg-13 rated? lol thanks for sharing the news <3
  14. that is amazing~! this is what our girls are capable of totally proud kamilia !hopefully this year will be a dominating year for our girls :> congratulations girls! this is what you deserved ^^ thanks for sharing the news
  15. hahaha! i thought of that too~ maybe she was extremely tired? but yea she looks extremely focused in that performance ^^