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  1. 생일축하해요 지지!~ ^__^ come over to LA so we can get kbbqqqqq :Q___

  2. Hi sorry for the late reply >.<

  3. When will u update 'Our Story'??? I want to know what will happen next ;__;

  4. Wow those pictures are gorgeous -- thank you so so much for finding them and posting them here! Gyul is really such an elegant beauty and she has so many different sides to her ;; people are always praising her for being so professional...hehe it makes me so proud. And that first win really, oh my goodness, I can't even imagine how she would have felt after that honey win.... <3
  5. Out of the five I think Jing probably experienced and learned the most. She was so young when she joined; most of her mini speech consists of how she learned much about her social life and how to interact and get along with others. It must've been a rough road for her but I'm so proud of how much shes grown hehe also gyuls entire quote ;;;; love this gorgeous leader
  6. Wow Nicole's popularity shot up like crazy! Thats pretty awesome... It's really great to see Jing continue to be loved hehe our magnae <3
  7. AWWWWW hara attending Kim Taewoo's wedding -- that's so precious! Haha I agree with what vennie said hahaha I'd love to see some pictures... I'm sure she glammed up for this wedding. AHHH so precious haha it's like a lovely G7 reunion~~ HAHAHA WOAH! City_bear_90 that's pretty cool! You have sharp eyes 8) I got bored so I made a gif of Hara in City Hunter hehe
  8. SEUNGYEON LOOKED GORGEOUS! loved her at gayo daejun haha her hair is so beautiful <3
  9. ^HAHAHAHAHA that's so cute; oh nicole... <3 A lot of her outfits these days have an open back? she pulls them off really well haha 8)
  10. ^haha yeah her skirt was pretty short... i was kind of surprised? but whatever, it's just a cm. just a gif I made from their recent Jumping performance
  11. WOAH xxoo thanks so much for the gifs slkdjaslkdf those are huge and SY looks so hot... as much as I loved short hair on her I LOOOOOOOVE long hair haha... she looks fantastic. Anyways I was watching this famcam of Sy and I made some gifs :3 SY showing her fans how her hair is in the shape of a heart haha
  12. JIJIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy birthday!! :D

  13. Happy Birthday Jiji!