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  1. Nicole on KARA's Greatest Hits, Traveling Solo in Europe, and Personal Growth | KPDB Ep. #89
  2. just catching up on watching all Jiyoung's dramas and movies. She is great actress, very charismatic, hilarious, and attractive.
  3. her first movie was hilarious. her acting definitely improved since her two year absence.
  4. English Subtitles for 12 Nights EP 03.vtt. see attached 12 Nights EP 03.vtt
  5. Subtitles for 12 Nights EP 02.vtt. see attached 12 Nights EP 02.vtt
  6. thanks pls keep posting the Magnet URI i attached the English subs for EP01. (from Viki, but correctly timeshifted using subtitletools.com) Viki also has EP00, which is basically BTS and trailer. 12 Nights EP 01.vtt
  7. anyone find HD videos of new drama About Time? Without subs is fine; can get soft sub files from Viki.
  8. Seungyeon rumored to be casted in upcoming drama called "About Time", which will be aired starting in May. http://wiki.d-addicts.com/About_Time -- Personally I think Seungyeon will be more successful as MC for talk show and variety, than acting. She can continue to release new songs in Japanese.