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Status Updates posted by ❀ȿɑɱҏɑɠʉɨϮɑ❀

  1. (Impatiently) Awaiting KARA's comeback!!! <3

    1. marriane


      what comeback are u waiting

    2. ❀ȿɑɱҏɑɠʉɨϮɑ❀


      It was actually for their 'Step' comeback~ XD (I posted this in April...)

  2. Oohh kewl~ I was born in the Philippines but not live in Florida! XD

    And yup I have a facebook: Cheska V

  3. I will~ But the show actually isn't until March! Our group still has to audition for the show! XD So hopefully we make it! :)

    I live in the Sunshine State! (Florida)

  4. Cuz of school! Gosh so much schoolwork~

    And yeah ohmeegee~ I was so excited about that! Go Shining Melody~ Heheh I want interactions soon!

    Omo and speaking of SHINee, we have this performance thing called the Multicultural Extravaganza, and so I'm in the korean modern (kpop) group! And we're going to be dancing to Lucifer~ heheh X3

  5. Heheh Hey~ long time no talk! XD

    It's been a while since I've been on Karaholic! :(

  6. Hi again~ <3 Heheh just wanted to drop by!

  7. Heheh they were so adorkable in weeek~ X3 And ohmeegee~ NiKey jjang! I'm really craving some interactions between them! Heheh like another picture~

  8. Kewl! NEWS is so awesome! What's your favorite song from them? Mine is 'Summer Time'! Heheh love Kato there! :D

    *gasp* And we're the same age too! Sweet~ <3

  9. Unnie?! Lol I feel so old~ XD Anyways, NiKey is totally my OTP~ I've been spazzing out so much about those pictures of them that came up recently! I so want them to be a couple on WGM! ;)

  10. Heheh I absolutely LOVE them~ I'm very much addicted to 'Sakura Girl'! <3 And I also like the other JE artists too~

  11. Yup yup~ <3 Heheh I was born there and lived there for about 6 1/2 years! :D

  12. Hi there~ <3 Do you happen to be a NiKey shipper too? :D Heheh saw you at the SHINRA thread~ ;)

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbLfl-i27hs

    Heheh I'm so addicted to this song~ And the pv was so beautiful! Makes me want to go to the Japan and see the cherry blossom~ (and NEWS ofcoarse!) XD

  14. Hahah yeah, my family and I are actually planning to visit the Philippines this summer! So excited~

    Sure! Go right ahead! ;) Though I think those avatars aren't really that great... I just did them in a hurry~ XD

  15. Yay~ NEWS's pv for Sakura Girl has been released! It was so sad, yet so beautiful! I'm in love in the song! <3

  16. I posted a comment in January of this year... asking for you to continue~ XD Hehehe Which I hope you do! I'm dying to know what happens next! <3

  17. Its there! Heheh I was the last person to comment~ (which was back in January...) XD

  18. Hello~ *gasp* A fellow filipina! Kewl! Heheh I was born in Antipolo and lived there for about 7 1/2 years! XD

  19. Heheh I think you definitely should! I really enjoyed reading it~ And I've been waiting for an update ever since! XD