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  1. She likes to stick out her tongue whenever she is caught in an unaware situation.
  2. I like the song Lupin from Kara a lot, especially the part where Nicole Jung rap..
  3. She is the reason why I watch SGB, she is so cute when she is giving out hints to other people
  4. I agree that she have a powerful and killer voice, she really should have stayed in Kara
  5. I think I miss her loudness and her mischievous movement, she really makes people laugh
  6. She is pretty, but I think she really look like foreigner with blond hair, she looks better in darker hair
  7. I think Gyuri looks prettier thatn Jessica Jung, but both of them are very pretty
  8. She likes to wear hat, if not she will put on her hood. She looks cute when she does that.
  9. I think she can act as a pretty yet stubborn princess whom like to tease his loyal subjects.
  10. When Hara is not smiling, she looks like a doll.. By the way, what happen to the photos?
  11. I think Hara looks more prettier, maybe both of them are petite is size. But they really dun reassemble each other..
  12. I miss and her jokes! Why wasn't she casts in invincible youth 2? I hope she participate in a variety show soon..
  13. She looks far to cute, even if she tried to scare people, I guess everyone will be charm by her cuteness instead
  14. Ji Young is very active and entertaining, giving a feel like like Sunny in invincible youth 1. Jjiang!
  15. Her smile is so charming, no matter what she does, you can't get angry with her when she smile