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  1. gyuri eonni. as always singing beatifully. (: She did well on the show. <3 and she did younha's song too. gyuri eonni jjang!! (:
  2. At first i really loooveddd Hara. i don't something about her just made me like her. maybe just cause she's just that really pretty girl in the group then now and probably forever will my fave member and the memebr i love the most is Nicole. she's definately sexy cute dorky and super pretty. (: <3 Perffeccttoooo <3
  3. Nicole's abs are definately like nice. not how i prefer it to be super toned like Gahee Unnie. but Nicole's is pretty. (: my fave member. (: she's so pretty. <3 (:
  4. i lalalalalalla loved the MV. not only was it cute but most of the 4 were my fave members from each group. seungyeon unnie is so pretty! (: <3
  5. =[ sad that she's leaving SGB. no more hilarious Level with me segments. most memorable was the one with Kara SHinee SNSD 2PM and 2am's changmin in it. that episode was hilarious with her segment. i hadn't laughed so ahrd in a while when i watched it. At least she's getting her rest now. she deserves it! (: Nicole jjang! <3
  6. Happy Birthday Karaholics! (: keep up the ahmazing work! (: lets grow SO MUCH MORE as a community! thanks staff and everyone who made karaholic as it is today (: <3