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  1. RT @MrBinaural: @heyyitsjanea Your grandfather watching you put all his apps on his phone 😭😭 https://t.co/YHYGAkfwnV

  2. RT @jiggyjayy2: Toni and Todd really did not have one good day of marriage, they started beefing the episode after the wedding 😭😭😭

  3. RT @soobtokkii_: @oluwatoge @POTUS THATS ONE GALLON OF GAS WTF

  4. RT @BYULHARANCIAGA: this song ran through the kpop industry like crack in the 80’s https://t.co/xWLSe4qyNB

  5. RT @jeraticaa: me fighting through 2 minutes of football and commercials before Rhianna comes on https://t.co/K7bsRL8v6q

  6. RT @MyChrisEvanss: #ChrisEvans as Nick Gont 🔥❤ film Push 2009 🎬 https://t.co/cIIbrJO3YZ

  7. RT @DaisyAylen: Biggest pet peeve is when people in the drive thru have no consideration of the person behind them by leaving a HUGE *** sp…

  8. RT @MunificentFan: Actually struggling not to break down crying because I remembered B2EMO saying "I want Maarva"

  9. RT @lookitscj_: And i stood by her every step of the way cause they had her ed up! https://t.co/pAOtk5LbAo

  10. RT @upblissed: aint seen ONE person say 2023 gon be they year, yall really scared this time 😭

  11. RT @999digits: @playboi_4 @rahsh33m https://t.co/oGiWVolKpN

  12. RT @ClobberinTyme: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 gonna break me oh https://t.co/9Qbylk3F38

  13. RT @GeeWhizzyWill: @wwyyyqqq @_B___S Dude has zero survival instinct. "Welp, I guess I'm food now"

  14. @its_just_adria ew https://t.co/kk0vEVlYLF

  15. RT @jennkat601: @marygonza24 @rj1975 @DionneGrant @kckouranos omg this you😭😭😏🤣🤣