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  1. Some of screenshot from her live instagram stories, when she's on US ( 29 Jan 2017) Nicole's connection seems bad, as most of users complaining can't see it (me too), So I just post some screenshots from my recording... Sorry for super late post!
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    Seungyeon's EP on Spotify! thanks @dubious for the info!
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    Oh wow, a lot lot of stuff!
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    can't wait for the lyrics translation!
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    awesome! @shiris what a sweet card <3
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    Thanks a lot @Eugene Machinarchy for updating this thread Haven't catch up with new udpates....
  7. where she will go?? can't wait for the follow up of this news!
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    ah yes, most likely that's the surprise!
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    You'll be disappointed because it's only 12 episode. Need more episodes of age of youth! Can't wait for the sequel with same cast!
  10. Welcome to Karaholic :)

  11. Gyuri is ready to step into the world of acting with her brand new profile shots! On September 13, Motion Media revealed these striking profile shots of Gyuri, who is slowly but surely gearing up for her return into the entertainment industry through acting. The label has also released a behind-the-scenes clip from Gyuri's photoshoot, so you can take your time admiring our goddess! We hope to see more of Gyuri soon!
  12. Heo Young Ji was a recent guest on SBS Power FM’s “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School,” where she revealed that she still keeps in contact with the former KARA members. Despite KARA disbanding in early January of this year, Heo Young Ji said, “KARA has not disbanded.” “I’ve been sending and receiving messages with the other members. I also encourage them by telling them that I’m watching their dramas. We’re all happy. Even with KARA’s activities, as long as the other members are okay with it, I’m prepared,” she explained. When asked about her artist promotions, she replied, “If you wait with expectations, Young Ji will appear.” src: soompi
  13. - from her dancer's instagram
  14. Kara′s former member Nicole has transformed into Harley Quinn for Hit the Stage. On the September 7 episode of Mnet′s Hit the Stage, the theme is "Crazy," and the contestants have prepared powerful and various performances to wow the audience. In the span of the next 2 weeks, Nicole, Jang Hyun Seung, Sistar′s Bora, Block B′s U-Kwon, My Name′s Se Yong, Big Star′s Feeldog, Lovelyz′ Mijoo and Monsta X′s Shownu will compete for the win. Nicole, who was previously in the girl group Kara, is especially gaining attention as this is her first time on stage in 2 years. Nicole has been known for her dancing skills even before her debut and she plans to show a powerful performance on Hit the Stage as well. The former idol will be transformation into Harley Quinn from the movie Suicide Squad for her stage. The image of Nicole′s version of Harley Quinn released by the production team has been raising the expectations for the episode. In addition, world renown dancers will grace the stage of Hit the Stage. First, the dance team Just Jerk will perform during the hidden stage segment. Just Jerk is a hip hop dance crew that has won dance competitions around the world and it is revealed that they have prepared an impressive stage for Hit the Stage as well. Additionally, Japanese dancer and fashion icon, Rie Hata, will be performing alongside U-Kwon. Meanwhile, Hit The Stage is a program where k-pop stars and professional dancers team up to compete with each other. Each episode will have a different theme and the contestants will team up with crews with different dance backgrounds. A variety of stars and professional dancers plan to appear in the episodes based on the week′s themes. The program airs every Wednesday through Mnet and tvN at 11PM KST. Photo credit: Mnet Source:Mwave
  15. Actress Seungyeon and fans have donated 220lbs (100kg) of rice to the 'Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center'. On September 2, the 'KSVRC' revealed, "Seungyeon and her fans donated 100kg of rice on August 31. They sent us a message for their donation on the 29th first. Though she didn't personally come, she did go into detail and specified where the donation is to be used." The rice will be provided to victims at 'KSVRC' shelters. Seungyeon also said through her agency, "My fans donated through my name. They donated quietly, and I was told it wasn't a big amount. Thank you for the interest." On JTBC's 'Age of Youth', Seungyeon played the role of Jung Ye Eun, who experienced an assault during a date. Good job to Seungyeon's fans! src: akp