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  1. Probably my thoughts are similar to some of you, - I never tought Nicole/Jiyoung will be performing / becoming quite close to Youngji - I know Nicole does know Youngji / have met with her several times before, but they don't really show it on public because it doesn't need to. - I don't set a high expectation for this comeback - all what I want is they're promoting again, probably for a short period. Why? Because looking back at 2nd gen comeback (SNSD, WG's Sunye, Nicole) - it is really overshadowed with new girlgroups. Also, they're already in their 30's now, when most girlgroups members usually at 18-20 years old. But I am wrong. Their comeback is amazing, their song is so good! I literally crying when listening to their album, can't believe they're coming back. Also, my eyes still can't believe they're in their 30's. They are promoting & performing so well at MAMA. Moreover, right now they're so active promoting at various music shows (Inkigayo, Music Bank, Show music core) Not only that, they're participating on TV shows - Knowing Bros, and several youtube/online release (dingo, what else?) and last but not least, they're starting to promote in Japan! (the japan version MV just come out an hour ago!) I really really wanted to catch up with their activity as soon as possible, trying to shuffle some real life things to make time to watch them (sadly this week I was sick, and a lot of work piled up oh noooo)
  2. Ah, this is so hard to pick as I love all the songs! I wish they release more songs for this mini album & probably release another songs again sometime (yeah, we all wished for that ) I haven't read the lyrics translation & meanings, so melody-wise probably I'll pick between "When I Move" and "Shout it Out"
  3. I wish it is not just a "one-time" events like fanmeet or concert; I wish they do it regularly, probably once every 1-2 years!
  4. Nicole's mom instagram : Reunited after several months of vacation. I'm not sure whether this is from US or Korea...
  5. Ah yes, that post is new from her insta stories....
  6. Thankyou for passing by and leaving some post on Nicole's thread, @Eugene Machinarchy Believe it or not, 6 years ago I was a bit biased towards seungyeon only, and "internally rejected" Nicole too. But now it changes man XD, she's my ultimate bias
  7. thanks a lot for the links @Eugene Machinarchy, never know that already released... heres the last episode (ep7) : credit to ElJunRa (
  8. @shiris thanks a lot for saving that cute pics! It was on my notification but I missed to see the post, she deletes it fast :/
  9. yes I collect them as much as I can. Storage isn't an issue, but missing their (kara member) post is my issue
  10. Collection of photos from Thomas Sabo Launching event - Seungyeon (116 photos!)