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  1. youngji have sense of variety... i wish he have more variety show
  2. the senior versus a person who 2 month debut?
  3. can anybody upload again the engsub? im realy curious...
  4. jackson even dont know yoona? omg... but, because that, OG and jackson have nice moment when they whisper each other
  5. haha youngji even knee down when he give back sunny credit card... best moment in this episode hahaha
  6. dispatch every whereeee.... idol must be careful hahaha i think dispatch just stalk abaout scandal
  7. i think jackson adviced is very kind, win win situation... but yeah, we dont know what women thingking haha...
  8. these video doesn't exist again, can you reupload?
  9. Thanks for sharing... i think im obsessed about kara right now lol