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  1. Thank you for posting. It is very apparent from the work simulation show that Gyuri is very polite and very dedicated in doing her best at any job she is assigned to. It was nice to observe.
  2. ^I am sorry but for someone who had to drink rain water to dehydrate oneself, you got absolutely nothing to say to me about my comment. It stands as is. Don't judge without knowing. Don't believe that everyone is as priviledged as we are. The amount of water that has been wasted around the world for this challenge... It's like there are many people smoking around me and I complain because my health is affected from the pollution and someone says, there are more things that pollute the universe. That does not make sense.
  3. ^I'm glad that Gyuri donated money rather than engage in the bucket water madness. There are people around the world who do not have access to water and people are wasting water for fun. Seriously, if you wanna promote awareness, don't shame yourself and display your privilege in the process.
  4. Yes, hiatus over, now we can enjoy more and more appearances from yeoshin. Thank you for those who are posting media. It's really appreciated!
  5. Goddess!!! Although she looks too skinny, she's just sooo beautiful in the trailer.
  6. I'm glad that I'm a supporter of hers because she understand those who can't keep accepting the crap that her company makes fans endure. I'll continue to support her but I am not going to accept DSP craziness.
  7. Goddess Gyuri! She looks beautiful. Although this comeback still feels unreal to me, I can't wait to worship the goddess.
  8. hahahaha Gyuri as a weather correspondant...that's definitely something interesting that I'd like to watch! Her latest pictures are beautiful (as always).
  9. ...and you just provided additional evidence to what I said before...Redundancy is not a habit of mine so I'll leave it as that especially when it is very apparent that the other side acts superior, pretends deafness or plays ignorance. Let's all learn from the content and process of this crisis in Kara's history.
  10. ^ I don't see anything wrong about those things unless there is a rule how to be "respectful" and "disrespectful" as a kamilia. Each one does whatever they want. When people start putting value of right and wrong on something as superfluous as what it is to be a "right" or "wrong" kamilia, well, let's just say that is an issue on itself. Kamilia means different things to different people and there is no single interpretation of this word that is correct so there cannot be people who are "wrong" or right. Believing in that is by essence close-minded because you are imposing your value system and beliefs onto others, which to me, is more disrespectful than what was listed. It all goes back to my point of enfantile debates vs. a real dialogue in which people are appreciative of each other rather than attacking one another about right or wrong, bad or "good" kamilia. Argh...I seem to be repeating the same thing at each reply...seriously, this is not a way to resolve divisions...
  11. ^Thank you! Goddess brightens the day!
  12. ^ right and wrong is something that is again a matter of opinion of how you view this situation. There is no rule that indicates that we should just accept and welcome every decision made by a company about a group. You may certainly do so but expressing that those who don't are "simply not right" is definitely disrespectful to my opinion and many others. Unless there is an explicit rule in this forum that we'll just agree and move on whatever decision DSP makes or that this forum is DSP governed, your opinion is as valuable and as correct as mine and your opinion is not the golden rule of what is right or wrong. I have been kind by avoiding the argumentative process of "I am right, it's you who is wrong" because that is enfantile and I hope that we all have the maturity to not go there (anymore).
  13. ^ and as I indicated to you before, your arguments aren't going to convince me and many people and trying to denigrate our point of view is a bit disrespectful and frankly unhelpful and unnecessary. Your arguments are the exact reason why some feel that they can't express themselves because you automatically rationalize that what they feel is wrong. Please share your thoughts on the change and please be respectful of people who view this and deal with the change differently. A bit of maturity in dealing with this, that's all.
  14. Thank you for the videos and pictures. She seemed a bit tired - I wonder what "the schedule" was and what she talked about with fellow Kamilias. I also wonder what her manager told her during the broadcast (this is the first time that I've seen her manager going to speak with her while on air....must be important...I'd have liked to know what it was all about...)
  15. ^ I respect your opinion to trust DSP and their actions while me, I can't. Too many things have happened for me to accept this madness (I don't accept to trust a company that has demonstrated many times that they can't be trusted). But oh well, I guess all Kamilias have to co-exist/live together in this fandom with the respect of everyone's opinions as well as everyone's ways of supporting "KARA". Many like you can certainly believe and I, like many others, also decide not to and that is all okay. We just have to co-exist in this divide and I don't believe that we can convince each other to change our opinions. So, let's all accept and respect each other.